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1627 Robert Boyle (English Chemist: Boyle's Law) Robert Boyle Gas Laws
1736 Joseph-Louis Lagrange (Italian Mathematician) Joseph-Louis Lagrange Calculus
1900 Theodosius Dobzhansky (Ukrainian Geneticist, Evolutionary Biologist) Ukranian Scientists & Mathematicians Evolution
1917 Ilya Prigogine (Russian Chemist, 1977 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry) Russian Scientists & Mathematicians Chemistry 1977 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry
1923 Arvid Carlsson (Swedish 2000 Nobel Laureate for Medicine or Physiology) Swedish Scientists & Mathematicians Medical Research 2000 Nobel Laureate for Medicine or Physiology
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1905 The World's Largest Diamond, the 3,106 Carat Cullinan Diamond, Is Discovered in a Pretoria, South Africa Mine South Africa Diamonds History Channel
1915 In New York City, Alexander Graham Bell Makes the First Transcontinental Telephone Call to His Assistant Thomas Watson in San Francisco Alexander Graham Bell New York City San Francisco Woodrow Wilson Telephone Historic Firsts AT&T New York Times Learn California
1921 Karel Capek Coins the Word "Robot" in Premiere of Play Premiere at Prague's National Theater Karl Capek Plays History of Technololgy Historic Firsts Society and Technology
1930 U.S. Surgeons Demonstrate Latest Techniques at Pan American Medical Association Convention in Panama Panama Medical Research Education Aetna Intellihealth
1939 8.3 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 28,000 in Chile Chile Earthquake Death USGS
1945 Grand Rapids City, MI Approves Addition of Fluoride to Drinking Water Michigan Medical Research Fluorine Water Historic Firsts State of Michigan
1959 American Airlines Boeing 707 Makes First Transcontinental Jet Flight History of Aviation American Airlines Historic Firsts New York Times
1964 NASA & Soviet Union Cooperate in Launch of Echo 2 Test Communications Satellite Russian Space Program Space Exploration History of Technology NASA
1978 The "Blizzard of '78" Drops 15.5" of Snow on Indianapolis, Indiana Indianapolis, Indiana Snow Wind Indiana Historical Society
1981 Laingsburg, South Africa Flood Kills 104 Laingsburg, South Africa Flooding Death South African History
1983 NASA Launches Infrared Astronomical Satellite, IRAS, for Asteroid and Comet Survey Space Exploration Comets Asteroids NASA
1984 President Reagan Endorses the Development of a Permanent U.S. Space Station President Ronald Reagan International Space Station NASA Florida Historical Society
1995 Scientific Missile Launch in Norway Almost Triggers Russian Nuclear Response Norway Russia Space Exploration Nuclear Weapons History Channel
1999 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 1,800+ in Colombia Colombia Earthquake Death BBC USGS
2003 NASA Launches Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment (SORCE) Satellite Sun Space Exploration NASA
2004 Second NASA Rover, Opportunity, Lands on Mars Mars Space Exploration NASA BBC

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