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United States: Groundhog Day
(Observed annually on February 2)
Punxsutaewney, PA Groundhog Day
1522 Lodovico Ferrari (Italian Mathematician) Lodovico Ferrari Mathematics
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1907 Dmitri Mendeleev (Russian Pioneer of the Modern Periodic Table of Chemical Elements) Dmitri Mendeleev Gallium The Periodic Table of Elements
1970 Bertrand Russell (Welsh Mathematician, Philosopher) Bertrand Russell Mathematics Philosophy Authors
1996 Ray McIntire (Kansas-born Inventor of Styrofoam) Kansas Scientists & Inventors Inventors and Inventions Organic Chemistry Dow Chemical Technology and Society
1832 The Delaware General Assembly Authorizes a Drawbridge to be Constructed over the Nanticoke River at Seaford Seaford, Delaware State of Delaware
1892 Baltimore's William Painter Is Issued Patent #468,258 for the Cork-sealed Bottle Cap Maryland Scientists & Inventors Patents & Trademarks Inventors and Invention Historic Firsts American Society of Mechanical Engineers
1897 Pittsburgh's Alfred L. Cralle Is Issued Patent 576,395 for an Ice-cream Scooper Pennsylvania Scientists & Inventors Patents & Trademarks Foods & Nutrition Noted African Americans What's Cooking America African American Registry
1913 New York City's Grand Central Terminal Opens New York City Railroads Grand Central Terminal
1914 The NAACP Awards Its First Spingarn Medal to Genetic Biologist Ernest Just South Carolina Scientists & Mathematicians Genetics African-American Scientists & Mathematicians Historic Firsts NAACP African American Registry
1916 Heavy Snows Close Railroad and Collapses the Dome of St. James Cathedral in Seattle Seattle, Washington Snow Railroad St. James Cathedral History Link
1923 First Leaded Gasoline Goes on Sale at Dayton, OH Service Station Ohio Automobiles Lead Historic Firsts Cincinnati Enquirer History Channel
1931 7.9 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 256 in New Zealand's Hawke's Bay Area New Zealand Earthqaukes Death USGS
1934 Work Begins on the Zebulon Pike Lock and Dam in Dubuque, Iowa Dubuque, Iowa Canals State Historical Society of Iowa
1935 Wisconsin Detective Leonard Keeler Makes First Use of His Polygraph for a Court Conviction Wisconsin Scientists & Inventors Crime Inventors and Invention Historic Firsts Wired
1951 Snow Falls in North & Central Florida with Crescent City and St. Augustine Receiving Heaviest Amounts Florida Snow Florida Historical Society
1965 Alfonso Alvarez Receives a Patent for "Dual-vent Windows" Patents & Trademarks Inventors & Inventions Hispanic Scientists and Inventors USPTO
1967 NASA Launches KH 7-36 Air Force Photo Surveillance Satellite Space Exploration Photography Cold War NASA
1970 Antiwar Protestors Sue Dow Chemical Over Napalm Production Vietnam War Dow Chemical Law & Legal Resources History Channel
1984 A 3-day Snowstorm with 80-mph Winds Begins in Southern, Minnesota, Killing 16 People Minnesota Snow Wind Death Minnesota Historical Society
1996 -60 F at Tower, Minnesota Is the Lowest Temperature in the State's Recorded History Tower, Minnesota Temperature Minnesota Historical Society
1997 U.S. Government Statistics Indicate Dramatic Decrease in AIDS-related Deaths U.S. Government AIDS Medical Research Death New York Times
2007 20 Die in Central Florida Tornado with 160mph Winds Florida Tornado Death CNN

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