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1473 Nicolaus Copernicus (Prussian Polish Astronomer) Nicolaus Copernicus Space & Astronomy The Solar System
1789 William Fairbairn (Scottish Pioneer of the Industrial Revolution) Scottish Scientists & Inventors Inventors and Inventions Center for the Study of Technology and Society
1826 Jesse Hiatt (Iowa-born Developer of the Delicious Apple) Iowa Scientists & Mathematicians Apples Farming and Agriculture Madison County, Iowa Iowa State Historical Society
1859 Svante Arrhenius (Swedish-born 1903 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry) Svante Arrhenius Chemistry 1903 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
1880 Roscoe Harrison (North Carolina-born African-American West Virginia Physician, Hospital Founder) North Carolina Scientists & Mathematicians West Virginia Scientists & Mathematicians Medical Profession African-American Scientists & Mathematicians West Virginia Archives
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1672 Isaac Newton's "Theory of Color and Light" Is Published in the Journal of the Royal Society Isaac Newton Physics Light Imperial College of London
1856 Hamilton Smith (Gambier, OH) Receives a Patent for a Tin-Type Camera Ohio Inventors Photography Inventions Patents University of Southern California
1878 Thomas Edison Receives Patent for the Phonograph Thomas Edison Patents and Trademarks The Phonograph History Channel Center for the Study of Technology and Society USPTO
1884 60 Tornados Kill 420 People in Seven Southeastern U.S. States Tornados Death NOAA
1902 The Minnesota Legislature Names the Pink-and-White Lady Slipper (Cypripedium Reginae) the State Flower Minnesota Government flowers.gif Minnesota Historical Society
1928 The Entire State of Minnesota Is Darkened by a Dust Storm Minnesota Farming and Agriculture Great Depression Minnesota Historical Society
1962 U.S. Conducts 1.9 kT Underground Nuclear Test in Nevada Nevada The Cold War Nuclear Weapons Geoscience Australia
1968 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 20 and Destroys 500 Homes on Islands in the Aegean Sea Earthquakes Death USGS
1976 NASA Launches MARISAT 1, the First of a Series of COMSAT Maritime Communications Satellites Space Exploration Naval History NASA
1977 France Conducts 5-20 kT Underground Nuclear Test on Mururoa Atoll France The Cold War Nuclear Wepaons Geoscience Australia
1982 USSR Conducts Underground Nuclear Test in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Soviet Union Nuclear Wepaons The Cold War Geoscience Australia
1984 USSR Conducts 20-150 kt Underground Nuclear Test in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Soviet Union Nuclear Wepaons The Cold War Geoscience Australia
1985 The First National Medals of Technology Awarded to 14 Americans President Ronald Reagan History of Technology Historic Firsts Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
1998 Russia's Soyuz TM-26 Lands to Complete 198-day MIR Mission Russian Space Program Space Exploration Astronautix

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