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1682 Giovanni Battista Morgagni (Italian "Father of Modern Pathology") Italian Scientists and Mathematicians Disease Writer's Almanac
1861 Mary Elizabeth Bates (Wisconsin-born Surgeon, Children's Rights Advocate) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Medicine Child Advocacy/Children's Rights
1904 Adelle Davis (Indiana-born Nutritionist) Indiana Scientists and Mathematicians Foods & Nutrition
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1836 Samuel Colt Receives a Patent for the Six-shooter Revolver Samuel Colt Inventors & Inventions Patents and Trademarks Gun Control Westward Expansion Colt Collectors Association Center for the Study of Technology and Society Texas State Historical Association
William Austin Burt Receives a Patent for a Solar Compass for Locations Where Minerals May Effect a Magnetic Compasses Massachusetts Scientists and Inventors Inventors and Inventions Compass Patents and Trademarks Virtual Museum of Surveying
1837 Thomas Davenport Receives the First Patent Ever Granted for an Electric Motor Vermont Scientists & Mathematicians Inventors & Inventions Patents and Trademarks Electricity Historic Firsts Center for the Study of Technology and Society
1902 Irish-American Inventor, John Holland, Is Granted a Patent for a Submarine John Holland Inventors & Inventions Patents and Trademarks Submarines USPTO
1968 In Algeria, a Magnitude 4.9 Earthquake Kills 1 Person, Injures 4 and Destroys 100 Houses at At El Alen Algeria Earthquake Death USGS
1981 U.S. Conducts Underground Nuclear Test in Nevada Nevada Nuclear Weapons Geoscience Australia

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