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1869 Alice Hamilton (New York City-born Pioneer in Medical Issues Related to the Industrial Workplace New York City Scientist and Mathematicians Medicine Labor
1890 Mabel Keaton Staupers (African-American Nurse Who Helped End the Segregation of Nurses in the U.S. Military) Mabel Keaton Staupers Medicine World War II African-American Scientists & Mathematicians
1899 Charles Herbert Best (Canadian co-Discoverer of Insulin with Frederick G. Banting) Canadian Scientists and Mathematicians Diabetes IntelliHealth
1910 Clarence Leonard "Kelly" Johnson (Michigan-born Aeronautical Engineer) Michigan Scientists and Mathematicians American Military Figures Aviation History Center for the Study of Technology and Society
1926 David Hunter Hubel (Canadian-born 1981 Nobel Laureate for Medicine and Physiology) Canadian Scientists and Mathmeticians 1981 Nobel Laureate for Medicine and Physiology
1942 Robert H. Grubbs (Kentucky-born 2005 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry) Robert H. Grubbs Organic Chemistry 2005 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1936 Ivan Pavlov (Russian Psychologist) Ivan Pavlov Psychology
1900 Working for Bayer, Felix Hoffmann, Receives a Patent for a Less-Acidic Aspirin Drugs & Medicines Organic Chemistry Inventors and Inventions Trademarks and Patents USPTO
1914 Ford Motor Company First Uses an Assembly Line for the Construction of the Entire Automobile Ford Motor Company Automobiles Labor Business Historic Firsts University of Virginia
1958 USSR Conducts a 250kT Atmospheric Nuclear Test at Novaya Zemlya Soviet Union Nuclear Weapons The Cold War Geoscience Austtralia
1965 French Conduct 20-150 kT Underground Nuclear Test in Algeria Algeria France Nuclear Weapons The Cold War Geoscience Austtralia
1974 U.S. Conducts 20-200kT Underground Nuclear Test in Nevada Nevada Nuclear Weapons The Cold War Geoscience Austtralia
1997 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 57 in Pakistan Pakistan Earthquakes Death USGS
2010 8.8 Magnitude Earthquake Kills over 300 in Chile Chilean Earthquake Earthquakes Death USGS

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