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1831 George Pullman (New York-born Railroad Developer, Industrialist) George Pullman Inventors and Inventions Railroads
1847 Alexander Graham Bell (Scottish Inventor of the Telephone) Alexander Graham Bell Inventors and Inventions The Telephone
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1703 Robert Hooke (English Scientist) Robert Hooke Physics Center for the Study of Technology and Society
1932 Alfieri Maserati (Italian Founder of the Maserati Luxury Automobile) Italian Business Leaders) Automobiles
1963 Dorothy Andersen (North Carolina-born Pediatrician, Pathologist; First Scientist to Identify the Disease, Cystic Fibrosis) Dorothy Andersen Cystic Fibrosis
1843 Congress Grants Samuel Morse $30,000 for Experimental Telegraph Line Samuel Morse U.S. Congress Telegraph Univerity of San Diego
1857 The James Clinton Is the First Steamboat to Cruise the Willamette River Traveling for 3 Days From Eugene to Corvallis Oregon Steamboats Willamette River Historic Firsts SalemOregon
1863 U.S. Congress Establishes Construction Standards for the Transcontinental Railroad U.S. Congress Railroad Standard of Measurement National Park Service
The National Academy of Sciences Is Approved by President Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln The National Academy of Science Lincoln Papers
President Lincoln Approves Granting Public Lands to Kansas for Railroad and Telegraph Construction Kansas Abraham Lincoln Railroad Telegraph Lincoln Papers
1885 California Is the First State to Establish a Board of Forestry California Governor Trees Earth and Environmental Science Historic Firsts Learn California
1915 U.S. Congress Establishes the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics to Study Problems of Flight U.S. Congress Aviation NASA
1919 William E. Boeing and Eddie Hubbard Deliver the First International U.S. Air Mail: Vancouver to Seattle Vancouver, Canada Seattle, Washington Aviation History Historic Firsts History Link
1959 NASA Launches Pioneer 4, the First U.S. Spacecraft Placed into Solar Orbit Space Exploration The Sun Historic Firsts NASA
1969 NASA Launches Apollo 9 for the First Manned Flight of the Lunar Module Lunar Exploration Historic Firsts NASA
1971 China Launches Its First Satellite China Space Exploration Historic Firsts Asian History
1985 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 177 Near the Coast of Central Chile Chile Earthquake Death U.S. Geological Survey
90 mph Winds Whip 15" of Snow into Mountainous Drifts Along the Duluth Harbor Area Duluth, Minnesota Snow Minnesota Historical Society

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