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California: Arbor Day
(Observed on this date since 1909 to commemorate the birth date of Luther Burbank: 03/07/1849)
Luther Burbank Arbor Day University of California Davis
1765 Joseph Nicéphore Niepce (French Lithographer Who Took the World's First Photograph) French Scientists & Mathematicians Photography Technology and Society
1787 Henry Draper (New York City-born Astronomer, Photographer) New York City Scientists & Mathematicians Astronomy Photography
1792 John Herschel (English Mathematician, Astronomer) English Scientists & Mathematicians Astronomy
1811 Increase Allen Lapham (New York-born Naturalist, Educator, Author; Chief Geologist for Wisconsin: 1873 - 1875) New York Scientists and Mathematicians Wisconsin Scientists and Mathematicians Geology Wisconsin Historical Society
1845 Daniel David Palmer (Canadian Who Founded Chiropractics) Canadian Scientists and Mathematicians Health Care IntelliHealth
1849 Luther Burbank (Massachusetts-born Horticulturist) Luther Burbank Botany
1857 Julius Wagner-Jauregg (Austrian Psychiatrist, Neurologist) Austrian Scientists & Mathemaitcians Psychiatry 1927 Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine
1938 Albert Fert (French Physicist; 2007 Nobel Laureate for Physics) Albert Fert Quantum Mechanics Computer Technology 2007 Nobel Laureate for Physics
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1997 Norman Adrian de Bruyne (English Inventor of Glue and Adhesives) English Scientists and Mathematicians Inventors and Inventions Technology and Society
1876 Alexander Graham Bell Receives Patent #174,465 for the Telephone Alexander Graham Bell Trademarks and Patents Telephone PBS Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1883 Seattle, Washington's First Telephone System Begins Operation with 90 Subscribers Seattle, Washington Telephone Historic Firsts History Link
1888 The First Electric Trolley in Wilmington, Delaware Makes Its First Run Wilmington, Delaware Transportation Historic Firsts State of Delaware
1889 Arkansas Accepts Federal Funding for Establishment of Agricultural Experiment Stations Arkansas U.S. Government Farming and Agriculture Economics Arkansas History Commission
1901 The Texas Legislature Proclaims the Bluebonnet the State Flower Texas State Flower Botany Texas State Historical Association
1909 California Celebrates the State's First Arbor Day in Commemoration of the Birth Date of Horticulturalist Luther Burbank California Luther Burbank Arbor Day Historic Firsts Learn Califronia
1926 First Successful Transatlantic Radio Telephone Call Placed between New York City and London London New York City Radio History of Technology Historic Firsts New York Times
1927 7.9 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 3,020 in Tango, Japan Tango, Japan Earthquakes Death USGS
1929 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Is Centered on Alaska's Fox Islands Alaska Earthquakes USGS
Earthquake Kills 1 in El Paso, Texas El Paso, Texas Earthquakes Death Texas State Historical Association
1935 Malcolm Campbell Sets a World Speed Record of 276 mph at Daytona Beach, Florida Daytona, Florida Auto Racing Historic Firsts Florida Historical Society
1962 NASA Launches First Orbiting Solar Observatory (OSO-1) Space Exploration The Sun NASA
1966 U.S. Conducts 20kT Underground Nuclear Test in Nevada Nevada Nuclear Weapons The Cold War Geoscience Australia
6.75 Magnitude Earthquake Causes Considerable Damage in Northeastern China China Earthquakes USGS
1969 USSR Conducts 20-150kT Underground Nuclear Test in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Nuclear Weapons The Cold War Geoscience Australia
1975 U.S. Conducts 20-200kT Underground Nuclear Test in Nevada Nevada Nuclear Weapons The Cold War Geoscience Australia
1991 Federal Judge Blocks Timber Sales in National Forests to Protect the Northern Spotted Owl Washington Endangered Species Law Business History Link
1996 Hubble Telescope Provides First Surface Photos of Pluto Hubble Telescope Photography Pluto Space Telescope Science Institute

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