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1712 John Fothergill (English Medical Pioneer) English Scientists and Mathematicians Health Care Professionals African-American Scientists and Mathematicians Technology and Society
1825 Alexander Thomas Augusta (Virginia-born First African American to Head a U.S. Hospital) Virginia Scientists and Mathematicians Health Care Professionals African-American Scientists and Mathematicians African American Registry
1879 Otto Hahn (German Chemist: 1944 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry) Otto Hahn Chemistry 1944 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
1886 Edward Calvin Kendall (Connecticut-born Biochemist: 1950 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine) Connecticut Scientists & Mathematicians Medical Research 1950 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine
1953 Howard Aiken (New Jersey-born Mathematician) Howard Aiken Mathematics
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1750 London Earthquake Tosses People Out of Bed, Rings Church Bells London Earthquakes BBC
1855 The London Is the First Locomotive to Cross the Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge Railroads Niagara Falls Historic Firsts McCord Museum of Canadian History
1892 Heavy Snow in Duluth, Minnesota Forces Some Residents to Exit Their Homes Via Second Story Windows Duluth,  Minnesota Snow Minnesota Historical Society
1909 49 People Are Killed and 600 Injured When a F-4 Tornado Hits Brinkley, Arkansas Brinkley, Arkansas Tornado Death Thinkquest Arkansas History Commission
1933 A Dust Storm Covers the State of Minnesota Minnesota Farming & Agriculture Wind Great Depression Minnesota Historical Society
1950 British Car Manufacturer, Rover, Road Tests a Gas Turbine Car Great Britain Automotives BBC
1967 NASA Launches OSO-3 Satellite to Perform Solar Physics Experiments Above the Atmosphere Space Exploration The Sun NASA
1976 The Largest Meteorite (1,770 kg) in Recorded History Falls to Earth over Jilin, China China Meteors & Meteorites Warsaw University
1983 U.S. House Endorses Nuclear Weapons Freeze with Soviets U.S. Congress Soviet Union Nuclear Weapons Cold War TV News Archive
1985 Critically-ill Man Dies After Being Kept Alive for 11 Hours by a Mechanical Heart Artificial Hearts Medical Research IntelliHealth
1986 Japan's Suisei Probe Encounters Comet Halley at 151,000 km on the Sunward Side Japan Space Exploration Halley's Comet NASA
1991 6.6 Magnitude Earthquake Is Centered in Eastern Siberia Russia Earthquake USGS
2001 NASA Launches Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-102) on Space Station Assembly Mission Space Shuttle International Space Station NASA

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