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1762 Jeremias Benjamin Richter (German Chemist) Jeremias Benjamin Richter Law of Definite Proportions
1858 Marshall B. Lloyd (Minnesota-born Inventor, Businessman) Minnesota Scientists and Inventors Business Inventors and Inventions
1867 Lillian Wald (Ohio-born Nurse, Anti-War Activist) Lillian Wald Medicine World War I
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1921 Francis Upton (Massachusetts-born Mathematician, Inventor) Francis Upton Thomas Edison The Light Bulb
1849 Abraham Lincoln Submits a Patent Application for an Improved Method of Lifted Vessels Over Shoals Abraham Lincoln Patents and Trademarks Boats and Boating Lincoln Papers
1869 Robert T. Freeman Is First African American Graduate of Harvard Dental School Medicine African-American History Historic Firsts Massachusetts Dental Society
1876 Bell Makes the First Phone Call: "Mr. Watson -- come here -- I want to see you." Alexander Graham Bell Inventors and Inventions The Telephone Historic Firsts Library of Congress
1902 Thomas Edison Loses Lawsuit Claiming He Invented the Movie Camera Thomas Edison Inventors and Inventions Film Law and Legal Resources Library of Congress
1933 A 6.3 Magnitude Earthquake Causes $40M Damage, Killing 115 People in the Long Beach Area of California Long Beach, California Earthquake Death LearnCalifornia
1948 Herbert Henry Hoover Is the First Civilian Pilot to Exceed the Speed of Sound Tennessee Pioneers and Aviators Aviation History Sound Historic Firsts NASA
Itasca County, Minnesota Reports a Temperature of -44 F Itasca County, Minnesota Temperature Minnesota History Society
1977 Uranus' Rings Discovered from Observations Made Aboard a Modified C-141 Jet Uranus Aviation History Smithsonian Institution
1982 All Nine Planets Align within 98 Degrees on Same Side of the Sun The Solar System Astronomy ABC Radio National Television News Archive
1988 England's Prince Charles Narrowly Avoids Death in Swiss Avalanche Switzerland English Political and Social Leaders Prince Charles Snow Death BBC
1989 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake in Malawi Leaves 9 Dead, 100 Injured, 50,000 Homeless Malawi Earthquake Death USGS
2006 NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Goes into Orbit Around Mars Space Exploration Mars NASA CNN

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