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1822 Joseph Bertrand (French Mathematician, Educator) French Scientists, Mathematicians Mathematics Educators of Note
1890 Vannevar Bush (Massachusetts-born Computing Pioneer) Vannevar Bush Inventors & Inventions History of the Internet
1936 Harald zur Hausen (German Cancer Researcher; 2008 Nobel Laureate for Medicine and Physiology) Harald zur Hausen Cervical Cancer 2008 Nobel Laureate for Medcine and Physiology
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1955 Alexander Fleming (English Bacteriologist Who First Discovered the Drug Penicillin) English Mathematicians and Scientists Medical Research BBC Center for the Study of Technology and Society
1971 Philo T. Farnsworth (Utah-born Inventor, Television Pioneer) Philo T. Farnsworth Inventors and Inventions Television
1996 Charles William Oatley (English Pioneer of the Scanning Electron Microscope) English Mathematicians and Scientists Microscopy Center for the Study of Technology and Society
1669 Mt. Etna Erupts, Killing 15,000 Sicily Volcanoes Notable Persons Who Have Died on This Date Volcano World, North Dakota State University
1791 Samuel Mulliken Is the First Person to Obtain More Than 1 U.S. Patent Patents & Trademarks Historic Firsts USPTO
1835 Charles Darwin's HMS Beagle Anchors off Valparaiso, Chile Charles Darwin Chile Evolution
1850 State Legislature Establishes the Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Education Medical Profession Historic Firsts Homéopathe International
1888 A Blizzard Hits the U.S. Northeastern Seaboard (400 die) Snow Storms Meteorology Death History Channel Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1910 The First Powered Flight of an Airplane in Washington State Originates From the Meadows Race Track Just South of Seattle Seattle, Washington Aviation History Historic Firsts History Link
1918 The First U.S. Cases of Influenza Pandemic are Reported at Fort Riley, Kansas Kansas Influenza Pandemic of 1918 Historic Firsts Writer's Almanac History Channel
California's Save-the-Redwoods League Is Formed California Natural Resources Trees Earth and Environmental Science Save-the-Redwoods League Learn California
1933 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Causes $40M Property Damage in Southern California, Killing 15 People California Earthquakes Death USGS
1940 John Steinbeck Accompanies His Friend, Marine Biologist Edward F. Ricketts, on a Marine Expedition in the Gulf of California California John Steinbeck Oceans Biology American Collection
1952 Seattle Voters Defeat a Proposal to Add Fluoride to City Drinking Water Seattle, Washington Elections Water Health Care Fluorine History Link
1954 Positive Results Reported on Tests of Jonas E. Salk's Polio Vaccine Jonas Salk Polio New York Times
1957 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Is Centered on Alaska's Fox Islands Alaska Earthquakes USGS
1960 U.S. Launches Pioneer 5 into Solar Orbit to Map Interplanetary Magnetic Field NASA The Solar System NASA
1962 Minnesota's Twin Cities Receive More Than a Foot of Wind-Driven Snow Minnesota Snow Minnesota Historical Society
1975 USSR Conducts 20 kt Underground Nuclear Test in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Soviet Union Nuclear Weapons Volcano World, North Dakota State University
1976 A Magnitude 3.5 Earthquake Centered Near Newport, Rhode Island Is the Largest in the State's Recorded History Newport, Rhode Island Earthquakes USGS
1986 Japan's Sakigake Spacecraft Makes Closest Approach to Halley's Comet at a Distance of 6.99M km Japan Space Exploration Halley's Comet NASA
2011 9.0 Magnitude Earthquake, Aftershocks and 30' Tsunami Kill 20,000 in Japan, Leaving 500,00 Homeless and Creating Meltowns in Nuclear Power Plants Japan Earthquakes Nuclear Energy Death USGS

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