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1733 Joseph Priestley (English Scientist, Clergyman) Joseph Priestley Religion Chemistry Oxygen
1855 Percival Lowell (Massachusetts-born Astronomer) Percival Lowell Astronomy Mars Pluto
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1857 Clarence Darrow (Ohio-born Attorney) Ohio Political and Social Leaders Law Scopes Monkey Trial
1781 The Planet Uranus Is Discovered by Astronomer William Herschel William Herschel Space and Astronomy Uranus Chambers Book of Days History Channel Technology and Society
1884 United States Adopts Standard Time United States Time Standards of Measurement New York Times
1888 De Beers Is Founded to Take Control Over Virtually All South African Diamond Production South Africa Diamonds DeBeers Diamonds BBC
1925 Tennessee Governor, Austin Peay, Signs the Butler Act Making It Unlawful to Teach Evolution Tennessee Law and Legal Resources Scopes Monkey Trial Concordia
1930 Discovery of Pluto Announced at Lowell Observatory Solar System Pluto Technology and Society
1957 Georgia Passes Its First Water Pollution Act to Regulate Wastewater Treatment Facilities Georgia Government Water Earth and Environmental Science Historic Firsts University of Georgia
1961 Iowa's State Legislature Chooses the Oak as Iowa's Official Tree Iowa's State Symbols Oak Tree Historical Society of Iowa
1969 Apollo 9 Returns to Earth After 10-day Shakedown of Complete Apollo System NASA Moon Exploration NASA
1986 Two-man Soviet Crew Begins 129-day Multi-docking Mission Aboard Soyuz T-15 Soviet Space Program Astronautix
European Space Agency's Probe Giotto Encounters Halley's Comet (Distance of 596 km) Space Exploration Comets NASA
1989 NASA Launches Space Shuttle Discovery to Deploy Tracking and Data Relay Satellite-4 (TDRS-4) Space Exploration Space Shuttle NASA
1992 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake Kills At least 498 in Turkey, Injures 2,000 Turkey Earthquakes Death History Channel USGS
1993 Heavy Storm Kills 26 Along Florida's East Coast Florida Storms Death Florida Historical Society
1996 Animal Rights Activists Charge the U.S. Navy with the Deaths of Endangered Right Whales U.S. Government Right Whales Endangered Species University of Georgia

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