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Vernal Equinox Vernal Equinox
United States: Agriculture Day
(Observed on the first day of spring)
Farming and Agriculture Agriculture Council of America
1735 Torbern Olof Bergman (Swedish Chemist and Naturalist) Swedish Scientists and Mathematicians Chemistry
1904 B.F. Skinner (Pennsylvania-born Psychologist) B.F. Skinner Psychology
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1727 Isaac Newton (English Mathematician, Scientist) Isaac Newton Physics Physics
1928 James Ward Packard (Ohio-born Automobile Pioneer) James Ward Packard Autos
2010 Stewart Udall (Arizona-born U.S. Congressman, Secretary of the Interior) Stewart Udall President Kennedy President Lyndon Johnson U.S. House of Representatives U.S. Department of Interior Earth & Environmental Science
1874 A Railroad Bridge Completed Across the Red River Connects Texarkana, Arkansas and St. Louis, Missouri Texarkana, Arkansas St. Louis , Missouri Bridges Railroad Arkansas History Commission
1881 Saginaw's Bancroft Hotel Turns on Michigan's First Commercial Incandescent Lighting Saginaw, Michigan The Light Bulb Historic Firsts Historical Society of  Michigan (pdf)
1883 Jan Matzeliger Receives U.S. Patent 274,207 for the First Shoe Lasting Machine Jan Matzeliger Patents and Trademarks Inventors & Inventions African-American Scientists & Mathematicians Patent Document African American Registry
1966 6.75 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 140 in Uganda Uganda Earthquakes Death USGS
1970 Georgia Makes It a Felony to Manufacture, Process, Distribute or Possess LSD Georgia Government Drug and Substance Abuse Laws and Legal Resources University of Georgia
Georgia Designates the Brown Thrasher as the Official State Bird Georgia State Symbols Brown Thrasher University of Georgia
Georgia Designates the Bobwhite Quail as the Official State Game Bird Georgia State Symbols Bobwhite Quail University of Georgia
1982 French Conduct 20kT Underground Nuclear Test on Mururoa/Fangataufa Atolls France Nuclear Weapons The Cold War Geoscience Australia
1987 FDA Approves Sale of AZT AIDS Treatment U.S. Government AIDS Medical Research New York Times
NASA Launches Palapa B2P Communications Satellite to Serve Southeast Asia Space Exploration History of Technology NASA

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