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United Nations: World Meteorological Day
(Commemorates the creation of the World Meteorological Organization: 03/23/1950)
United Nations Meteorology World Meteorological Organization Merriam-Webster
1749 Pierre-Simon Laplace (French Mathematician, Astronomer, Physicist) Pierre-Simon Laplace Calculus
1769 William Smith (English Engineer, Geologist) English Mathematicians & Scientists Geology
1881 Hermann Staudinger (German-born 1953 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry) German Mathematicians & Scientists Chemistry 1953 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry
1882 Emmy Noether (German Mathematician) Emmy Noether Algebra
1900 Erich Fromm (German-American Psychoanalyst and Social Philosopher) German Mathematicians & Scientists Psychology
1907 Daniel Bovet (Swiss-born 1957 Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine) Swiss Mathematicians & Scientists Medicine 1957 Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine
1912 Wernher Von Braun (German-American Rocket Scientist) Wernher Von Braun Space Exploration NASA
1924 Bette Nesmith Graham (Texas-born Inventor of Liquid Paper) Bette Nesmith Graham Inventors & Inventions Business & Economics
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1849 Andrés del Río (Spanish Chemist) Andrés del Río Chemistry Vanadium
1946 Gilbert Newton Lewis (Massachusetts-born Chemist) Gilbert Newton Lewis Chemistry The Electron
1983 Barney Clark (Utah-born First American to Receive an Artificial Heart: Survived for 112 Days) Utah Artificial Heart History of Technology History Channel
893 Earthquake Kills 150,000 in Ardabil, Iran Iran Earthquakes Death USGS
1857 In New York City, Elisha Graves Otis Installs the First Passenger Elevator for the Haughwout & Company Department Store Elisha Graves Otis Inventors and Inventions Business Historic Firsts Otis Elevator New York Historical Society
1913 Five Tornadoes Kill 115 People in Nebraska Nebraska Tornadoes Death History Channel
1926 Tacoma City Light's Cushman Dam No. 1 Begins Delivering Electricity Tacoma, Washington Dams Electricity History Link
1950 The United Nations Creates the World Meteorological Organization United Nations Meteorology World Meteorological Organization
1965 Gus Grissom & John Young Liftoff in Gemini 3, First US 2-person Space Flight Gus Grissom John Young Space Exploration New York Times NASA
1981 British Government Takes Measures to Contain Foot-and-Mouth Disease Great Britain Cattle Foot and Mouth Disease BBC
1983 President Reagan First Proposes "Star Wars" Missile Intercept Technology President Ronald Reagan Cold War History of Technology BBC History Channel
6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Damages 160 Homes in Greece Greece Earthquakes USGS
Barney Clark, the World's First Recipient of a Permanent Artificial Heart, Dies in Utah Utah Artificial Hearts History Channel
1984 Michigan's First Test-tube Baby Is Born Michigan Medical Research Child Advocacy Historic Firsts State of Michigan
1989 Two University of Utah Researchers Falsely Announce Discovery of "Cold Fusion" Utah Education Fusion University of Utah Technology and Society
1990 Captain Hazelwood Fined $50,000 as Captain of the Valdez Oil Spill Alaska Earth/Environmental Science Law & Legal Resources New York Times
2001 Russian Space Station MIR Plunges into the South Pacific Russian Space Program Space Exploration New York Times

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