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1897 Victor Mills (Nebraska-born Chemical Engineer Who Invented Pampers, Ivory Soap and JIF Peanut Butter) Victor Mills Inventor Pampers Ivory Jif
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1814 Joseph-Ignace Guillotin (French Inventor of the Guillotine) France Inventors & Inventions Capital Punishment History Channel
1797 Nathaniel Briggs Patents a Washing Machine Inventors & Inventions Patents Vigo County Historical Society New York Times
1864 Portland, Oregon's First Water Hydrant Is Installed on the Corner of Washington and First Streets Portland, Oregon Water Fire Safety Historic Firsts
1882 Elijah McCoy Receives U.S. Patent #255,443 for a Lubricator to be Used by Railroads Elijah McCoy Railroads Inventors & Inventions Patent Diagram African-American Scientists & Inventors African American Registry
1889 Animals from a Bankrupt Circus Are Bought and Donated for Atlanta, Georgia's First Zoo Atlanta, Georgia Animals Zoos University of Georgia
1898 The U.S. Department of Agriculture Establishes an Experimental Station at Kodiak, Alaska Kodiak, Alaska Farming & Agriculture U.S. Department of Agriculture Alaska Historical Society
1899 William Fleming Patents an Electric Player Piano Patents & Trademarks Pianos U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
1910 Henri Fabre Pilots the First Seaplane in Martigues, France (altitude 6.5 ft, distance .25 mi) France Aviation Historic Firsts Technology and Society
1924 A 25" Blizzard Ends a Drought in Southern Minnesota Minnesota Snow Minnesota Historical Society
1955 Up to 1" of Snow Is Reported in the Florida Panhandle Florida Snow Florida Historical Society
1963 NASA Completes Its Un-crewed Test Flights of the Apollo Saturn Rocket Space Exploration NASA
1964 5.1 Magnitude Earthquake Is Centered Near Merriman, Nebraska Merriman, Nebraska Earthquakes USGS
In Crescent City, California, a Tsunami Created by an Alaskan Earthquake Kills 10 People, Destroying 289 Homes and Businesses Crescent City, California Prince William Sound Earthquake Earthquakes Tsunamis Death USGS National Public Radio Learn California
1965 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake Is Centered Near the West Coast of Chile Kills 400 Chile Earthquakes Death USGS
1970 7.3 Earthquake Destroys 254 Villages in Turkey: 1,086 Die Turkey Earthquakes Death USGS
1972 USSR Conducts 20 kT Underground Nuclear Test in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Nuclear Weapons The Cold War Geoscience Australia
1975 6.1 Magnitude Earthquake Is Centered in Eastern Idaho Idaho Earthquakes USGS
1979 Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant Reactor Suffers Partial Meltdown Pennsylvania Nuclear Power PBS History Channel New York Times BBC
1981 France Conducts 20kT Underground Nuclear Test at Fangataufa Atoll France Nuclear Weapons The Cold War Geoscience Australia
1982 6.1 Magnitude Earthquake Near the Coast of Peru Kills 3 Peru Earthquakes Death USGS
1983 U.S. Launches NOAA Search & Rescue Satellite Space Exploration Naval Safety NASA
1986 NASA's ICE/ISEE-3 Spacecraft Arrives at the Comet Halley Space Exploration Halley's Comet NASA
1993 Type II Supernova Detected in M81 (NGC 3031) Space & Cosmology SEDS
1996 6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 27 in Ecuador, Leaves Thousands Homeless Ecuador Earthquakes Death USGS
1999 6.6 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 100 in Xizang-India Border Region, Thousands Homeless India Earthquakes Death USGS
2007 65 Tornadoes Kill Four People and Dozens of Livestock in the Plains States Colorado Kansas Nebraska Oklahoma Texas Tornadoes Death CNN

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