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1561 Santorio Santorio (Italian Physician; Introduced Use of Precision Instruments in Medicine) Italian Scientists and Mathematcians Medicine
1853 Elihu Thomson (English-American Engineer, Inventor, Electricity Pioneer) English Scientists and Mathematcians Inventors and Inventions Electricity Thomson Electronics Technology and Society
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1997 Ruth Sager (Chicago-born Geneticist) Ruth Sager Genetics Cancer
1848 An Ice Jam Up River Dries Up Niagara Falls for 30 Hours Niagara Falls Library of Congress
1868 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Is Centered on Hawaii's Ka'u District Hawaii Earthquake USGS
1924 WGN Radio in Chicago Begins Transmissions Chicago Radio WGN Radio
1927 England's Henry Segrave Breaks the 200 mph Barrier at Daytona Beach English Sports Figures Florida Automobiles Historic Firsts Speed Record Club
1928 The First Long-Distance Phone Call Is Placed Between Atlanta, Georgia and Paris, France Paris Atlanta, Georgia Long Distance Telephone Service Historic Firsts University of Georgia
2,000-Watt Radio Station KSTP Begins Broadcasting in St. Paul, Minnesota St. Paul, Minneosta Radio Historic Firsts KSTP Minnesota Historical Society
1935 French Ocean Liner Normandie Begins Its Maiden Voyage France Naval History The Great Oceanliners
1954 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Causes Property Damage in the South of Spain Spain Earthquake USGS
1965 The First Water Begins to Fill the Sam Rayburn Reservoir in East Texas Texas Dams Water Texas State Historical Association
1967 France Launches Its First Nuclear Submarine Le Redoutable France Submarines Federation of American Scientists
1968 6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Razes the Town of Sardo, Ethiopia, Killing 24 Ethiopia Earthquake Death USGS
1974 NASA's Mariner 10 Makes First Fly-by of Mercury & Transmits Photos Mercury Photography NASA The History Channel
1982 Earthquake and Volcano Kill Thousands at El Chichon in Southern Mexico Mexico Earthquake Volcano Death History Channel
1998 A Tornado Causes Extensive Damage in South-Central Minnesota with at Least One Death Minneosta Tornado Death Minnesota Historical Society

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