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1882 Melanie Klein (Austrian-born English Psychoanalyst) ) Austrian Mathematicians and Scientists Psychology
1891 Arthur Herrington (English-American Engineer and Manufacturer; Developed the World War II Jeep) English Scientists & Mathematicians World War II Autombiles Encyclopedia Britannica
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1911 Ellen Swallow Richards (Massachusetts-born Foods Scientist) Ellen Swallow Richards Chemistry Foods & Nutrition
2010 Jaime Escalante (Bolivian-American Educator) Jaime Escalante Educators of Note Mathematics Latin-American Political and Social Leaders
1791 France's Constituent Assembly Adopts Plan for Defining the Meter France Standards of Measurement Friends of Lavoisier
1842 Georgia Physician Crawford Long Administers the First Anesthesia to a Patient Georgia Scientists & Mathematicians Medical Research Historic Firsts University of Georgia
1843 First U.S. Patent Is Issued for an Egg Incubator Inventors & Inventions Poultry Patents & Trademarks Historic Firsts
1844 Stillwater, Minnesota's First Sawmill, Owned by John McKusick, Cuts Its First Board Stillwater, Minnesota Trees Business Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Society
1858 Controversial U.S. Patent Is Issued for a Pencil with an Eraser Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks Historic Firsts Smithsonian Institution Technology and Society
1886 James Ricks Issued Patent for "Improvements in Rough-Shoeing of Horses" Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks Horses African American Inventors St. Louis Public Library
1906 Resident's of Linn County, Oregon Blow Up the Larwood's Mill Dam Across Roaring River Linn County, Oregon Rivers Dams Trees Business
1937 Georgia Creates Non-profit Membership Corporations to Provide Electricity to Rural Areas Georgia Government Electricity University of Georgia
1963 Washington's Mayfield Dam Begins Generating Electricity Washington Dams Electricity Mayfield Dam History Link
1965 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake Is Centered on Alaska's Rat Islands Alaska Earthquakes USGS
1967 The City of Seattle Quits Dumping Its Sewage Into Lake Washington Seattle, Washington Earth and Environmental Sciences History Link
1989 Georgia Declares the Gopher Tortoise to be Its State Reptile State of Georgia Gopher Tortoise University of Georgia
1990 National Doctors' Day Is First Observed by Proclamation of President George Bush President Georgia Bush National Doctors' Day Historic Firsts University of Georgia
2010 Rhode Island Cities are Flooded as Storm Dumps Up To 8" of Rain Rhode Island Flooding CNN

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