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1896 Ralph Bagnold (English Geologist) English Scientists Geology The Learning Site Writer's Almanac
1934 Jane Goodall (English Scientist) Jane Goodall Africa Primates
1937 Virginia Silverstein (Pennsylvania-born Children's Science Author) Pennsylvania Authors Science Young-adult Authors
1944 Frank White (Mississippi-born Science Writer) Mississippi Authors Space and Astronomy
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1868 7.9 Magnitude Earthquake Is the Largest in Hawaii's Recorded History Hawaii Earthquakes USGS
1884 Originating in New Mexico, a Dust Storm Sweeps Over Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas, Killing Several People New Mexico Colorado Oklahoma Texas Kansas The Dust Bowl Death New Mexico Magazine
1898 In Alaska, a Snowslide at Sheep Camp on the Chilkoot Trail Kills 43 Men Alaska Snow Death Alaska Historical Society
1933 The Airship USS Akron Crashes into the Ocean Off the New Jersey Coast: 76 Die New Jersey Dirigibles Death Technology and Society
1974 Two-Day Outbreak of 148 Tornadoes Across 13 States and Canada Kill 148, Injure 6,142, Causing $600 Million in Property Damage Canada Alabama Georgia Illinois Indiana Kentucky Mississippi Ohio Tornadoes Deaths Weather Channel
An F5 Tornado Strikes Xenia, Ohio, Killing 33 People Xenia, Ohio Tornadoes Deaths Ohio Historical Society
Tornadoes Kill 16 and Injure 109 in Northwest Georgia Georgia Tornadoes Deaths University of Georgia
Tornadoes Kill 86 and Injure 949 in Alabama Alabama Tornadoes Deaths Alabama State Archive
1983 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake Responsible for 6 Deaths in Costa Rica Costa Rica Earthquakes Deaths USGS
1997 FCC Approves Plan to Speed Adoption of Digital Television U.S. Gov't Agencies Television History of Technology PBS

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