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1810 Philip Henry Gosse (English Naturalist, Started the World's First Aquarium) English Scientists and Mathematicians Fish Writer's Almanac
1870 Clarence E. McClung (California-born Geneticist) Clarence E. McClung Genetics
1903 Harold Edgerton (Nebraska-born Pioneer in Stroboscopic Photography) Harold Edgerton Photography Inventors & Inventions
1911 Feodor Lynen (German Nobel Laureate for Medicine and Physiology) German Scientists & Mathematicians Foods & Nutrition 1964 Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology
1920 Edmond H. Fischer (American Nobel Laureate for Medicine or Physiology) American Scientists & Mathematicians Protein 1992 Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology
1928 James Watson (Chicago-born Nobel Laureate for Medicine or Physiology: Discovered the Structure of DNA) James Watson DNA 1962 Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology
1949 Horst Ludwig Störmer (German 1998 Nobel Laureate for Physics) German Scientists & Mathematicians Quantum Theory 1998 Nobel Prize for Physics
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1528 Albrecht Dürer (German Artist, Scientist, Mathematician) Albrecht Dürer Artists Scientists & Mathematicians
1942 Bradley Allen Fiske (New York-born Admiral and Innovator in the U.S. Navy) New York Military Figures Naval History Technology and Society
1951 Robert Broom (Scottish Archaeologist) Scottish Scientists and Mathematicians Archaeology South African History
1961 Jules Bordet (Belgian Pioneer in Immunology: 1919 Nobel Laureate for Medicine or Physiology) Beglian Scientists and Mathematicians The Immune System Medical Research 1919 Nobel Laureate for Medcine or Physiology IntelliHealth
2000 Dennis Cambell (English Admiral and Military Innovator) English Military Figures Naval History Technology and Society
647 B.C. The Greeks Chronicle the Earliest Recorded Total Solar Eclipse Classical Greece Sun Historic Firsts NASA
1748 Excavations Begin at Pompeii, a Roman City Destroyed by Eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 A.D Pompeii Roman Empire Volcanoes Archaeology Writer's Almanac
1828 Holland's Casparus van Wooden Patents Chocolate Milk Powder Holland Patents & Trademarks Foods and Nutrition Chocolate
1869 Isaac Hodgson Receives Patent #88,711 for the "Roller Skate" Patents and Trademarks Inventors and Inventions Hobbies USPTO
1876 American Chemical Society Founded at College of Pharmacy of the City of NY New York Chemistry American Chemical Society
1908 A United States Bird Refuge Is Established at Florida's Tortugas Key Florida Earth and Envirinmental Science Birds Dry Tortugas National Park Florida Historical Society
1909 Robert Peary and Matthew Henson Are First People to Reach the North Pole The North Pole Robert Peary Matthew Henson African-American History History Channel New York Times
1927 The U.S. Government Creates the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge Georgia Parks and Landmarks Earth and Envirinmental Science Savannah National Wildlife Refuge University of Georgia
1936 Tornado Kills 187 in Gainesville, Georgia, Leaving More Than 2,000 Homeless Gainesville, Georgia Tornadoes Death Gainesville, Georgia University of Georgia
1965 NASA Launches Intelsat 1, the World's First Commercial Communications Satellite Space Exploration Technology Historic Firsts NASA
1977 6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 348 in Iran Iran Earthquake Death USGS
1984 NASA Launches Space Shuttle Challenger (STS-41C) for First On-Orbit Satellite Repair Space Exploration Historic Firsts NASA
1997 NASA Cuts Space Shuttle Columbia Mission Short Due to Defective Fuel Cell NASA Space Shuttle BBC

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