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1899 Percy L Julian (Alabama-born African-American Chemist) Percy L Julian Chemistry Medical Research Plants Famous African Americans
1907 Henry Scheffé (New York City-born Mathematician, Statistician) Henry Scheffé Statistics
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1926 Luther Burbank (Massachusetts-born Botanist) Luther Burbank Botany
1871 The Last Spike Is Driven to Complete the Railroad Between Memphis, Tennessee and Little Rock, Arkansas Memphis, Tennessee Little Rock, Arkansas Railroad Arkansas History Commission
1893 Frederic Ives Patents the Process for Half-tone Printing Patents & Trademarks Art U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
1939 U.S. Patent Is Issued for Pentothal, a Surgical Anesthetic, Tranquilizer - "Truth Serum" Patents and Trademarks Medical Research Organic Chemistry Technology and Society
1957 U.S. X-13 Is First Aircraft to Achieve Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aviation History Historic Firsts Technology and Society
1965 40 Tornadoes Strike U.S. Midwest: 272 Die, 5,000 Injured Indiana Michigan Ohio Wisconsin Tornadoes Death CNN Historical Society of Michigan (pdf) Wisconsin Historical Society
1970 Apollo 13 Is Launched for a Manned Lunar Landing Lunar Exploration NASA History Channel Wisconsin Historical Society
1984 Challenger (STS-41C) Astronauts Complete First In-Space Satellite Repair The Space Shuttle Historic Firsts NASA
Soviet Soyuz T-11 Returns to Earth Soviet Space Program Space Exploration Spacefacts
1997 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 9, Leaves 100,000 Homeless, in Southern Xinjiang, China China Earthquake Death USGS

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