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Russia: Cosmonaut's Day
(Observed annually to commemorate Yuri Gagarin's flight as the first human in space: 04/12/1961)
Yuri Gagarin Soviet Space Program Historic First BBC
1831 James Mackenzie (Scottish Cardiologist; Pioneer in the Study of Cardiac Arrhythmia) Scottish Scientists & Mathematicians Medical Research The Heart
1853 Grenville Dodge (Massachusetts-born Engineer, Chief Engineer of Union Pacific Railroad: 1866-70) Massachsuetts Scientists & Mathematicians Railroads Technology and Society
1883 Imogen Cunningham (Oregon-born Photographer of Plants and Portraits) Oregon Artists and Photographers Photography Botany
1884 Otto Meyerhof (English 1922 Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine) German Scientists & Mathematicians Anatomy & Physiology 1922 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine
1903 Jan Tinbergen (Dutch 1969 Nobel Laureate for Economics) Dutch Scientists & Mathematicians Economists 1969 Nobel Prize for Economics New York Times
1924 Peter Safar (Austrian Inventor of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)) Peter Safar CPR
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1817 Charles Messier (French Astronomer) French Scientists & Mathematicans Space & Cosmology
1633 Galileo Is First Interrogated Before the Inquisition Galileo Galilei Space and Astronomy Catholicism History Channel Writer's Almanac
1898 John Moodie Drives Canada's First Gasoline Automobile on Hamilton's Kings St. Canada Automobiles Canadian Government
1904 In Oregon, Flood Waters Fill the Sumpter Valley and the Lower Powder River Country, Putting the Sumpter Valley Railroad under Water Oregon Rivers Flooding Railroad
1908 Fire Threatens Massachusetts Oil Refineries Massachusetts Business Fire Safety Business History Channel
1934 Mt. Washington Observatory (NH) Records World Record Wind (231 mph) Mt. Washington, NH Wind Mount Washington Observatory
1955 It Is Announced That Dr. Jonas Salk Has Developed a Polio Vaccine Jonas Salk Polio Eisenhower Presidential Library Technology and Society
1961 Yuri Gagarin Is First Man in Space, Orbiting Almost 2 Hours Yuri Gagarin Russian Space Program Historic Firsts History Channel BBC
1977 General Motors Stops Research & Development on the Wankel Rotary Engine Automobiles General Motors Monito
1979 The Soviet Soyuz 33 Spacecraft Makes Emergency Return to Earth Soviet Space Program Space Exploration Spacefacts
1981 First Space Shuttle, Columbia, Is Launched from Cape Canaveral The Space Shuttle Historic Firsts Kennedy Space Center History Channel
1985 NASA Launches Space Shuttle Discovery, with Senator Jake Garn Aboard U.S. Congress The Space Shuttle Kennedy Space Center
1987 Texaco Files for Bankruptcy Automobiles Texaco Business & Economics Chicago Tribune
1988 Harvard University Is Granted First-ever Patent for New Life Form (mouse) Mouse Genetics Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights Historic Firsts Indiana University USPTO
1998 6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Causes One Death by Heart Attack in Austria Austria Earthquake Death USGS

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