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1863 Augustus Love (English Seismologist) English Mathematicians and Scientists Earthquakes St. Andrews University USGS
1880 Leonard Woolley (English Archaeologist Most Famous for His Excavation Work at Ur in Southern Iraq) English Mathematicians and Scientists Iraq Archaeology
1899 Vincent Wigglesworth (English Entomologist) English Mathematicians and Scientists Insects
1924 Roy Gallant (Maine-born Children's Science Author) Maine Authors Science Young-adult Authors
1946 Georges J.F. Köhler (German-born 1984 Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine) Georges J.F. Köhler Medical Research 1984 Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1790 Benjamin Franklin (Massachusetts-born American Statesman, Scientist, Journalist) Benjamin Franklin Journalism Inventors and Inventions U.S. History
1996 Arnold Neustadter (New York City-born Inventor of the Rolodex) New York City Inventors and Scientists Inventors and Inventions Telephone Technology and Society
1911 Charles Kettering Patents Automobile Self-starting Mechanism Charles Kettering Automobile Patents History Channel
1945 Americans Seize 1,100 tons of Uranium in Strassfut, Germany Nazi Germany Uranium Nuclear Weapons Cold War History Channel
1967 U.S. Launches Surveyor 3 for Soft Lunar Landing Space Exploration The Moon NASA
1970 Apollo 13 Returns Safely to Earth NASA Apollo 13 History Channel
1976 Helios 2 Satellite Approaches within 28M Miles of the Sun Space Exploration The Sun NASA
1983 India SLV-3 Rocket Places Experimental Research Satellite into Orbit India Space Exploration Bar Ilan University
1998 NASA Launches Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-90) Neurolab with 2000 Animals Aboard Space Shuttle Animals NASA

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