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1745 Philippe Pinel (French Pioneer in the Field of Psychiatry) French Scientists & Mathematicians Psychology Writer's Almanac
1786 Marc Seguin, the Elder (French Inventor of the Wire-Cable Suspension Bridge) French Scientists & Mathematicians Bridges Inventors & Inventions
1860 Charles Curtis (Massachusetts-born Inventor Who Devised a Steam Turbine) Massachusetts Scientists & Mathematicians Turbine Power Inventors & Inventions
1918 Kai Manne Börje Siegbahn (Swedish-born 1981 Nobel Laureate for Physics) Swedish Scientists & Mathematicians Physics Spectroscopy 1981 Nobel Laureate for Physics
1927 K. Alexander Müller (Swiss-born 1987 Nobel Laureate for Physics) Swiss Scientists & Mathematicians Physics Temperature 1987 Nobel Laureate for Physics
1928 Gerald Stanley Hawkins (English Astronomer Who Solved the Mystery of Stonehenge) Gerald Stanley Hawkins Space & Astronomy Stonehenge
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1858 Giuseppi Peano (Italian Mathematician) Giuseppi Peano Mathematics
1839 The Wabash and Erie Canal Is Completed from the Ohio-Indiana State Line to Logansport, Indiana Logansport, Indiana Canals Indiana Historical Society
1863 Discovery of Gold on Santa Catalina Island Sets Off a New Gold Rush in California Santa Catalina Island, California California Gold Rush Learn California
1876 The American Chemical Society is Organized in New York City Chemistry The American Chemical Society IntelliHealth
1896 First Projected Movie Is Shown as a Commercial Attraction in New York City New York City Film Historic Firsts History Channel
1902 Marie and Pierre Curie Successfully Isolate Radioactive Radium Salts from the Mineral Pitchblende Marie and Pierre Curie Chemistry Radium Radiation History Channel
1906 San Francisco Firefighters Finally Halt a Fire Caused by the Earthquake Two Days Earlier San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 Earthquakes Fire Safety History Channel
1926 Western Electric & Warner Bros. Announce Vitaphone Movie Sound Process Film Sound Historic Firsts History Channel
1940 RCA Publicly Demonstrates Its New Electron Microscope RCA Microscopy History of Technology New York Times
1963 West Virginia's Legislature Celebrates the State's Centennial West Virginia State Legislature West Virginia Archives
1967 NASA's Unmanned Surveyor 3 Lands on the Moon Space Exploration The Moon NASA Center of Technology and Society
NASA Launches ESSA-5 Weather Satellite Space Exploration Weather NASA
1972 The Manned Lunar Module from Apollo 16 Lands on the Moon NASA Manned Space Exploration Lunar Exploration  Smithsonian BBC
1977 NASA ESA-GEOS 1 Is First Satellite Placed in the Equatorial Geostationary Orbit Space Exploration NASA
2003 NASA and Stanford Launch Gravity Probe B To Test Aspects of Einstein's Theory of Relativity Space Exploration Albert Einstein Gravity  Satnford NASA
2010 11 Die in Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig Explosion Crerating Worst Oil Spill in U.S. History Alabama Louisiana Mississippi 2010 Oil Spill Death CNN

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