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Japan: Midori no Hi (Green Day)
(Observed as a national environment day on the birth date of former Emperor Showa)
Japan U.S. Department of State Japan Guide
1667 John Arbuthnot (Scottish Mathematician, Physicist, Author) Scottish Scientists and Mathematicians Physics Mathematics BBC
1854 Jules Henri Poincaré (French Mathematician, Theoretical Astronomer, Scientific Philosopher) French Scientists & Mathematicians Mathematics Astronomy Philosophy
1893 Harold Urey (Indiana-born Chemist; 1934 Nobel Prize for Chemistry) Harold Urey Chemistry Hyrdogen 1934 Nobel Prize for Chemistry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1937 Wallace Hume Carothers (Iowa-born Inventor of Neoprene Synthetic Rubber and Nylon Synthetic Fiber) Iowa Scientists and Mathematicians Organic Chemistry Inventors and Inventions Center for the Study of Technology and Society
1856 33 Camels Arrive in Texas from North Africa to Test Their Suitability for Transport and Security Africa Texas Camels Texas State Historical Association
1879 In Cleveland, Ohio, Inventor Charles Brush Gives the First Public Demonstration of His Arc Lamp Ohio Scientists & Mathematicians Inventors and Inventions Historic Firsts Ohio Historical Society
1903 Turtle Mountain Rock Slide Destroys Part of Frank, Alberta, Killing 70 of the Town's 600 Residents Canada Geology Mountains Death Frank Slide Interpretive Centre University of Waterloo CBC
1941 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Is Felt Across Western Australia, Damaging Many Homes and Water Tanks Australia Earthquake USGS
1965 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 5 in Washington's Puget Sound Area Washington Earthquakes Death U.S. Geological Survey History Link
1984 6.1 Magnitude Earthquake Injures 36 and Leaves 7,500 Homeless in Central Italy Italy Earthquake USGS
1985 NASA Launches Space Shuttle Challenger STS-51B and Crew of Seven for Delivery of Spacelab 3 into Orbit Cape Canaveral, Florida Space Shuttle NASA
1990 Space Shuttle Mission STS-31 (Discovery 10) Returns from Space Space Shuttle NASA
1991 A Cyclone Kills 135,000 in Bangladesh Bangladesh Hurricanes/Cyclones Death The History Channel
1993 5.3 Magnitude Earthquake Causes Some Damage and Power Outages in Northern Arizona, Southern Utah and Pipe Springs National Monument Arizona Utah Earthquake Pipe Springs National Monument USGS
2004 The Last Oldsmobile Is Made Oldsmobile Automobiles CNN

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