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1777 Carl Friedrich Gauss (German Mathematician) Carl Friedrich Gauss Calculus
1857 Eugen Bleuler (Swiss Psychiatrist Who Pioneered Study of Schizophrenics) Swiss Scientists & Mathematicians
1901 Simon Kuznets (Russian-American Economist, Statistician; 1971 Nobel Laureate for Economics) Russian Scientists and Mathematicians Economist Statistics & Probability 1971 Nobel Laureate for Economics New York Times
1902 Theodore Schultz (South Dakota-born Economist; 1979 Nobel Laureate for Economics) South Dakota Scientists and Mathematicians Economist 1979 Nobel Laureate for Economics New York Times
1906 Ross E. Hutchins (Montana-born Entomologist Children's Science Author) Montana Authors & Illustrators Primary Children's Authors Insects Science
1916 Claude Elwood Shannon (Michigan-born Mathematician, Electrical Engineer Who Laid the Theoretical Foundations for Digital Circuits and Information Theory) Michigan Scientists and Mathematicians Mathematics History of Technology Encyclopedia Britannica Center for the Study of Technology and Society
1928 Jean Burt Polhamus (Mississippi-born Children's Author) Mississippi Authors and Illustrators Primary Children's Authors Dinosaurs
1940 Dorothy Hinshaw Patent (Minnesota-born Children's Science Author) Dorothy Hinshaw Patent Young-adult Authors Biology Animals Insects
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1900 Casey Jones (Kentucky-born Railroad Engineer) Casey Jones Railroads Notorious Americans Writer's Almanac Center for the Study of Technology and Society
1864 In Delaware, the First Horse-Drawn Streetcars Run on the Tracks of the Wilmington City Railway Wilmington, Delaware Transportation Horses Historic Firsts STate of Delaware
1888 Hailstorm Kills 246 in Moradabad, India India Storms Death History Channel
1901 In Minnesota, Charles Joy Makes the First Automobile Ascent of St. Paul's Selby Hill at a Speed of 8-10 mph St. Paul, Minnesota Automotives Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Association
1910 Interurban Rail Service Is Begun Between the Washington Cities of Everett and Seattle Washington Transportation History Link
1935 U.S. Patent #2,000,000 Is Issued Joseph Ledwinka for Vehicle Wheel Construction Patents & Trademarks Automotives USPTO
1953 A Central Georgia Tornado Kills 8, Injures 350, Leaves 1000 Homeless, Leaving Behind $10M in Damages Georgia Tornado Death University of Georgia
1967 Nine Tornadoes Strike Southern Minnesota, Killing 13 People Minnesota Tornadoes Death Minnesota Historical Society
1986 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Off the Central Western Coast of Mexico Causes Minor Damage Mexico Earthquakes USGS
1991 Cyclone Kills 125,000 in Bangladesh Bangladesh Hurricanes & Cyclones Death New York Times
2002 California Businessman Dennis Tito Arrives at the International Space Station Aboard a Russian Spacecraft. Russian Space Program California Business Leaders Business International Space Station New York Times

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