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1655 Bartolomeo Cristofori (Italian Harpsichord Maker; Credited with Inventing the Piano) Italian Inventors & Scientists Inventors & Inventions The Piano
1806 William Cooke (English Inventor; Helped Develop Electric Telegraphy) English Inventors & Scientists Inventors & Inventions Electricity The Telegraph
1825 Thomas Huxley (English Biologist and Educator) Thomas Huxley Charles Darwin Biology
1874 Frank Conrad (Pennsylvania-born Electrical Engineer Who Pioneered the First Radio Station) Frank Conrad Radio
1896 Alton Ochsner (South Dakota-born Cardiologist; Among the to First Link Cigarettes and Cancer) South Dakota Mathematicians and Scientists Medical Research Tobacco
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1884 W.C. Gurley, Marietta Observatory, OH, First to Photograph a Lightning Flash OH Lightning Photography Historic Firsts Mason Public Library
1886 Patents Are Issued for Improvements to the Phonograph The Phonograph Patents & Trademarks Inventors & Inventions Technology and Society
1887 Emile Berliner Submits U.S. Patent Request for the Gramophone German Scientists and Inventors The Phonograph Patents & Trademarks Inventors and Inventions University of San Diego
1888 The First Municipal Water Works in Little Rock, Arkansas Opens LIttle Rock, Arkansas Water Historic Firsts Arkansas History Commission
1894 Bird Day Is First Observed by the Schools of Oil City, Pennsylvania Oil City, Pennsylvania Education Birds Historic Firsts Library of Congress
1897 Joseph H. Smith, an African-American from Washington, D.C, Patents a Water Sprinkler Washington, D.C. Scientists and Mathematicians Patents & Trademarks Inventors & Inventions African-American Inventors & Scientsts African-American Registry
1923 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Is Centered on the Alaska Peninsula Alaska Earthquakes USGS
1926 The Temperature in Morris, Minnesota Rises from 27F to 89F in the Same Day Morris, Minnesota Temperature Minnesota Historical Society
1934 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Is Centered on Alaska's Chugach Mountains Alaska Earthquakes USGS
1943 A Patent for Helicopter Controls Is Obtained by Igor Sikorsky Igor Sikorsky Patents & Trademarks Inventors and Inventions Aviation History USPTO
1967 NASA Launches Lunar Orbiter 4 to Create Photographic Map of Possible Lunar Landing Locations Space Exploration Lunar Exploration Photography NASA
1969 Thousands Protest Planned Freeway through Seattle's Arboretum Seattle Washington Earth and Environmental Science Trees Washington Park Arboretum History Link
1976 NASA Launches LAGEOS Satellite for Precise Measurements of Earth-Dynamics Space Exploration Earth Measurement NASA
1979 NASA Launches FLTSATCOM Satellite to Provide Global UHF Communications for Ships at Sea Space Exploration History of Technology NASA
1989 NASA Launches Space Shuttle Atlantis (STS-30) to Deploy Magellan/Venus Radar Mapper Spacecraft Space Shuttle Space Exploration Venus NASA
2000 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 46 in Sulawesi, Indonesia Indonesia Earthquakes USGS
2007 200 mph Winds from 1.5-mile Wide F5 Tornado Kills 10 and Destroys Greensburg, Kansas Greensburg, Kansas Tornados Death CNN

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