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MAY 16

1763 Louis-Nicolas Vauquelin (French Discoverer of the Elements Chromium and Beryllium) French Scientists Chromium Beryllium
1831 David Hughes (English Inventor of Teletype & Microphone) David Hughes Inventors and Inventions
1860 Adolf Ossian Aschan (Finnish Organic Chemist) Finnish Scientists Polymers
1919 Daniel S. Halacy (South Carolina-born Author of Science Books for Children) South Carolina Authors Science
1950 Johannes Georg Bednorz (German-born 1987 Nobel Laureate for Physics ) Johannes Georg Bednorz Physics 1987 Nobel Laureate for Physics
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1830 Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier (French Mathematician) Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier Calculus
1990 Jim Henson (Mississippi-born Puppeteer and Creator of the Muppets) Jim Henson Puppets The History Channel Technology and Society
1791 Earthquake Is Largest in Connecticut's Recorded History Connecticut Earthquake USGS
1849 New York City Opens Hospital for Treatment of Cholera New York City Cholera The History Channel
1875 Earthquake Strikes Venezuela & Colombia: 16,000 die Earthquakes Venezuela Colombia Death Decision Development Corporation
1888 Emile Berliner Demonstrates Gramophone at Philadelphia's Franklin Institute Pennsylvania The Phonograph Inventors Historic Firsts Library of Congress American Public Media
1901 The North Georgia Electric Company Is Incorporated Georgia Business Electricity Business University of Georgia
1903 In New York City, Coney Island's Luna Park Opens Illuminated by 122,000 Light Bulbs New York City The Light Bulb New York Historical Society
1909 5.5 Magnitude Earthquake Is Largest in North Dakota's Recorded History North Dakota Earthquake USGS
1960 Theodore Maiman Produces First Laser Light (Ruby Laser) Laser Light Historic Firsts International Society for Optical Engineering
1963 Gordon Cooper Returns to Earth After 22 Orbits Aboard Mercury Capsule Gordon Cooper Space Exploration NASA
1967 Tennessee Repeals Its "Monkey Law" Against the Teaching of Evolution Tennessee Education Education Evolution Concordia
1968 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 47 in Honshu, Japan Japan Earthquake Death USGS
1987 The Last Known "Dusky Seaside Sparrow" Dies in Captivity at Disney World Florida Endangered Animals Florida Historical Society

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