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MAY 17

1749 Edward Jenner (English Physician Who Developed a Vaccine for Smallpox) Edward Jenner Small Pox
1836 Joseph Norman Lockyer (English Scientist; Co-discoverer of Helium) English Scientists & Mathematicians Helium
1893 Fred Jones (Kentucky-born African-American Inventor; Best Know for Refrigeration Techniques and Frozen Food) Kentucky Scientists and Mathematicians Inventors and Inventions Foods and Nutrition African-American Scientists and Inventors African American Registry
1897 Odd Hassel (Norwegian Chemist) Norwegian Scientists & Mathematicians Chemistry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1820 John Tipton and Governor Jonathan Jennings Begin Surveying the Site of the New Capital of Indiana to Be Named Indianapolis Indianapolis, Indiana Indiana Historical Society
1826 John J. Audubon Sails from New Orleans to Seek a Publisher in Europe John J. Audubon New Orleans Birds American Artists Princeton Audubon
1839 Lorenzo Adkins Patents a Water Wheel Trademarks & Patents Simple Machines Inventors & Inventions Water U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
1854 Wheeling, West Virginia's Suspension Bridge Is Destroyed by the Storm Wheeling, West Virginia Bridges Storms Wheeling, West Virginia West Virginia Archives
1865 First International Telegraph Convention Creates International Telegraph Union Telegraph History of Technology Historic Firsts International Telecommunication Union
1877 Alexander Graham Bell Makes the First Interstate Telephone Call Between New York City and New Brunswick, New Jersey Alexander Graham Bell New York City New Brunswick, New Jersey Telephone Historic Firsts New York Historical Society
1965 Methane Explosion Kills 31 Coal Miners in Wales Wales Labor Methane Death BBC
1968 European Space Research Organization Launches First Satellite Space European History Space NASA
1969 Soviet Probe Venera 6 Transmits Data While Parachuting to Surface of Venus Soviet Space Program Space Venus NASA
1974 NASA Launches SMS-1 Meteorological Satellite Space Exploration Meteorology NASA
1976 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 6, Leaves 10,000 Homeless in Uzbekistan and Surrounding Countries Uzbekistan Earthquakes Death USGS
1991 The First Client-Server Software of the World Wide Web Is Installed and Used The Internet Historic Firsts CERN Technology and Society
1999 Washington's Makah Successfully Hunt a Grey Whale Off the Olympic Peninsula Washington Makah Whales Law History Link

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