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MAY 18

1048 Omar Khayyam (Persian Poet, Mathematician, Astronomer) Omar Khayyam Poetry Mathematics
1889 Thomas Midgley (Pennsylvania-born Industrial Chemist) Pennsylvania Mathematicians and Scientists Organic Chemistry
1872 Bertrand Russell (Welsh-born Philosopher, Mathematician; 1950 Nobel Laureate for Literature) Bertrand Russell Mathematics Philosophy 1950 Nobel Laureate for Literature
1901 Vincent du Vigneaud (Chicago-born Biochemist; 1955 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry) Chicago Mathematicians and Scientists Biochemistry 1955 Nobel laureate for Chemistry
1939 Peter Grünberg (German Physicist; 2007 Nobel Laureate for Physics) Peter Grünberg Quantum Mechanics Computer Technology 2007 Nobel Laureate for Physics
1948 Ron Hirschi (Washington-born Children's Author) Washington State Authors & Illustrators Primary Children's Authors Animals Trees
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1958 Louis Begeman (Indiana-born Physicist, Author) Indiana Scientists & Mathematicans Physics Electrons American Authors
1929 The City of Holland, Michigan Holds Its First Tulip Festival Holland, Michigan Botany Holland, Michigan Tulip Festival Library of Congress
1953 Jacqueline Cochran Is First Woman to Fly Faster Than the Speed of Sound Jacqueline Cochran Aviation Speed of Sound Women Historic Firsts Technology and Society
1968 NASA Launches Nimbus-B Meteorological Research Satellite Space Exploration Meteorology NASA
1969 NASA Launches Apollo 10 As Rehearsal for a Moon Landing Space Exploration Lunar Exploration NASA
1974 India Becomes the World's 6th Nuclear Power with Explosion in Rajasthan Desert India Nuclear Weapons Geoscience Australia
1980 5.2 Magnitude Earthquake Is Felt in Washington & Oregon Just Seconds Before Mount St. Helens Erupts Washington State Oregon Earthquakes USGS
Washington State's Mount St. Helens Erupts after Being Dormant for 123 Years Washington State Mount St. Helens New York Times History Channel
1991 Helen Sharman Is the First Briton in Space Great Britain Space Exploration Women Historic Firsts BBC

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