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MAY 22

1828 Albrecht von Grafe (German Eye Surgeon; Founder of Modern Ophthalmology ) German Scientists and Mathematicians Medicine Sight
1912 Herbert C. Brown (English-American Organic Chemist: 1979 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry) Herbert Brown Organic Chemistry 1979 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry
1920 Thomas Gold (Maine-born Astronomer) Maine Scientists Astronomy
1921 George Simms Hammond (Austrian Organic Chemist ) Austrian Scientists Organic Chemistry
1927 George A. Olah (Hungarian Organic Chemist) Hungarian Scientists and Mathematicians Organic Chemistry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1848 Louis Pasteur Announces Separation of Optical Isomers Louis Pasteur Chemistry LeMoyne
1849 Abraham Lincoln Is Granted a Patent For a Device to Lift Boats Over Shoals Abraham Lincoln Patents and Trademarks Inventors and Inventions Boats Lincoln Papers Lincoln Papers
1888 Minneapolis, Minnesota Architect LeRoy S. Buffington Patents a Steel Skeleton Construction Method Allowing Structures to be Built to Any Height Minneapolis, Minnesota Architecture Patents and Trademarks Minnesota Historical Society
1902 The U.S. Congress Creates Crater Lake National Park Oregon U.S. Congress Volcanoes National Park Service
1906 Wright Brothers Receive Patent for Flying Machine with Motor Wright Brothers Patents USPTO
1925 In Minnesota, Temperatures Reach 100F in the Towns of Tracy and New Ulm Minnesota Temperature Minnesota Historical Society
1927 8.3 Magnitude Earthquake Near Xining, China Kills 200,000 China Earthquakes Death USGS
1938 E.S. Votey of Detroit Patents the First Pneumatic Player Piano Detroit Scientists & Inventors Patents and Trademarks Inventors and Inventions Pianos Historical Soceity of Michigan (pdf)
1947 The U.S. Launches Its First Ballistic Missile U.S. Military War Historic Firsts Technology and Society
1951 Los Angeles TV Station KTLA Provides First Broadcast of an Atomic Explosion From the Nevada Desert Nevada Los Angeles Nuclear Weapons Television Historic Firsts Chicago Tribune
1962 USAF Major Robert Rushworth Takes X-15 to Mach 5.03 (3,450 mph) and a Peak Altitude of 100,400' Aviation History Air and Space Museum
1969 Apollo 10 Module Flies Within 9 Miles of Moon's Surface NASA Lunar Exploration BBC
1971 5.9 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 1,000 and Almost Destroys Bingol, Turkey Turkey Earthquakes Death USGS
1975 NASA Launches Intelsat 4 Telecommunications Satellite Space Exploration History of Technology NASA
1977 Jimmy Carter Reaffirms Human Rights As a Foreign Policy Priority Jimmy Carter Human Rights History Channel
1993 The First Full-length Movie Is Broadcast on the Internet The Internet Film Historic Firsts Technology and Society
1998 6.6 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 105 and Destroys Many Homes in Central Bolivia Bolivia Earthquakes Death USGS
2011 Tornado Destroys Much of Joplin, Missouri - Killing More Than 100 People Joplin, Missouri Tornados Death CNN

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