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MAY 23

World Turtle Day
(Observed annually on May 23)
Turtles Earth and Environmental Science The Humane Society of the United States
1707 Carolus Linnaeus (Swedish Botanist: Father of Modern Taxonomy) Carolus Linnaeus Biology Botany
1718 William Hunter (Scottish Anatomist Instrumental in Establishing Obstetrics as a Medical Discipline) Scottish Scientists and Mathematicians Human Anatomy Women's Health
1734 Friedrich Anton Mesmer (German Physician; Developed Use of Hypnosis) German Scientists and Mathematicians Medicine Psychology
1820 James B. Eads (Indiana-born Engineer; Built First Triple-arch Steel Bridge over the Mississippi River) Indiana Scientists and Mathematicians Architecture & Design Bridges Mississippi River
1854 Edgar Fahs Smith (Pennsylvania Chemistry Historian/Librarian) Pennsylvania Scientists and Mathematicians Chemistry
1908 John Bardeen (Wisconsin-born Physicist; Nobel Laureate for Physics in 1956 and 1972) John Bardeen Physics 1956 Nobel Laureate for Physics 1972 Nobel Laureate for Physics
1925 Joshua Lederberg (New Jersey-born Geneticist; 1958 Nobel Laureate for Medicine or Physiology) New Jersey Scientists and Mathematicians Genretics 1958 Nobel Laureate for Medicine or Physiology
1934 Robert A. Moog (New York-born Engineer, Inventor: Creator of Moog Synthesizer) New York Scientists and Mathematicians Inventors Music
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1576 Danish King Frederick II Decrees Tycho Brahe the Island of Hven Tycho Brahe Observatories National Center for Atmospheric Research
1785 Benjamin Franklin Describes His "Double Spectacles" (Bifocals) in a Letter Benjamin Franklin Inventors Sight British Optical Association Museum
1849 Abraham Lincoln Is Granted a Patent for Design to Refloat Grounded Boats Abraham Lincoln Inventors and Inventions Trademarks and Patents Naval History North Carolina State University
1878 In Wisconsin, Tornadoes Devastate Three Counties, Killing Two People Wisconsin Tornado Death Wisconsin Historical Society
1908 On Its First Flight, John Morrell's Hydrogen-filled Airship Crashes and Burns over Berkeley, California Berkeley, California Blimps & Dirigibles Hydrogen Technology and Society
The Minnesota National Forest (Now Chippewa National Forest) Is Created Chippewa National Forest Trees Chippewa National Forest Minnesota Historical Society
1914 Temperatures Reach 103F in Tracy, Minnesota Tracy, Minnesota Temperature Minnesota Historical Society
1930 Patent Act Permits Patenting of Plants U.S. Congress Patents and Trademarks Botany Ratner Prestia USPTO
1934 Ernest Hemingway Catches the Largest Atlantic Sailfish Ever Taken on Rod and Reel (9'2", 119.5 lbs) Ernest Hemingway American Authors Fish American Collection
1968 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 3 on New Zealand's South Island New Zealand Earthquakes Death USGS
1981 NASA Launches Intelsat 5 F-1 Telecommunications Satellite Space Exploration NASA
1992 U.S. & Four Former USSR Republics Sign Missile Reduction Treaty The Soviet Union Historic Documents Nuclear Weapons Cold War Arms Control Association New York Times
2002 Approval Is Given for the Construction of Britain's Largest Onshore Wind Farm in Wales British Government Wales Wind Energy BBC BBC

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