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MAY 24

1544 William Gilbert Essex (English Physicist) English Scientists & Mathematicians Physics Electricity & Magnetism
1686 Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit (German Physicist, Developer of the Temperature Scale Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit Temperature
1890 John Charles Rock (Massachusetts-born Gynecologist: Pioneer in Birth Control) Massachusetts Scientists and Mathematicians Medical Research Birth Control Technology and Society
1898 Helen Brooke Taussig (Massachusetts-born Physician: Founder of the Field of Pediatric Cardiology) Helen Brooke Taussig Medical Research Children's Health Care Cardiology
1903 Adolf Friedrich Johann Butenandt (German Biochemist; 1939 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry) German Scientists and Mathematicians Anatomy Medical Research Women's Health 1939 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry Technology and Society
Harry Hammond Hess (New York City-born Geologist; Pioneered the Concept of the Expanding Ocean Floor) New York City Scientists and Mathematicians Geology Oceanography
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1543 Nicolaus Copernicus (Polish Astronomer) Nicolaus Copernicus Space & Astronomy Solar System
1543 Copernicus's The Revolutions of the Heavenly Bodies Is Published Nicolaus Copernicus Solar System Fordham University
1749 Free Spade, Axe, Cow, Sow, Ploughshare, Two Wagons and Seed Are Offered to Man Settling in Detroit Detroit, Michigan Farming and Agriculture State of Michigan
1783 Aaron Dexter Hired As the First Chemistry Professor of Harvard Medical School Education Chemistry Harvard Medical School Lemoyne College
1844 Samuel Morse Sends First Telegraph Message: Baltimore to Washington, D.C. Samuel Morse The Telegraph Historic Firsts Library of Congress
1862 President Lincoln Uses Telegraph to Contact Generals and Direct Troop Movements at Front Royal, Virginia Virginia President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War The Telegraph Lincoln Papers
1865 In Georgia, Bandits Rob Two Wagon Trains Filled with Gold Remnants of the Confederate Treasury Georgia American Civil War Gold Crime University of Georgia
1879 The Arkansas State Horticultural Society Is Organized by 19 Men Meeting in the Little Rock Council Chamber Arkansas Botany Arkansas Encycloedpia of History and Culture Arkansas History Commission
1880 Florida's First Telephone Exchange Opens in Jacksonville with 34 Subscribers Jacksonville, Florida Telephone Historic Firsts Jacksonville, Florida Florida Historical Association
1930 Amy Johnson Is the First Woman to Fly from England to Australia England Australia Aviation Women BBC
1946 The First Radar for Civilian Flying in the U.S. Is Installed at Weir Cook Airport, Indianapolis, Indiana Indianapolis, Indiana Aviation Historic Firsts Indiana Historical Society
1962 Scott Carpenter Is Second American to Orbit the Earth Scott Carpenter Space Exploration NASA
1967 NASA Launches Explorer 34 Satellite to Study Interplanetary Magnetic Fields Space Exploration The Solar System NASA
1975 Soyuz 18 Carries 2 Cosmonauts to Space Station Salyut 4 Soviet Space Program Space Exploration NASA
1976 British Concorde Begins First Trans-Atlantic Flight Service to Washington, D.C. Great Britain Washington, D.C. Aviation BBC
1989 Xerox Claims Intellectual Rights to the Concept of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) History of Computer Technology Law Patents and Trademarks Xerox Technology and Society
Wind Levels Thousands of Trees from Hinckley, Minnesota to Woodruff, Wisconsin Hinckley, Minnesota Woodruff, Wisconsin Wind Trees Minnesota Historical Society

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