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MAY 29

1716 Louis-Jean-Marie b. Daubenton (French Naturalist) French Scientists & Mathematicians
1767 Philippe Lebon (French Pioneer of Gas Lighting) French Scientists & Mathematicians Inventors and Inventions Center for the Study of  Technology  and Society
1794 Antoine Bussy (French Chemist) French Scientists Chemistry Magnesium
1826 Ebenezer Butterick (Massachusetts-born Inventor of the Tissue Paper Dress Pattern) Massachusetts Scientists & Inventors Inventors Art & Design
1860 Clarence Shaler (Wisconsin-born Inventor, Sculptor) Wisconsin Scientists and Inventors Inventors and Inventions American Artists Wisconsin Historical Society
1914 Henry C. McBay (Texas-born African-American Chemist) Henry C. McBay Chemistry Educators of Note Nuclear Weapons Notable African Americans
1932 Paul Ehrlich (Pennsylvania-born Ecologist, Author) Paul Ehrlich Earth and Environmental Sciences Population/Demographics
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1829 Humphry Davy (English Chemist) Humphry Davy Chemistry Center for the Study of  Technology  and Society
1908 William Arnold Anthony (Rhode Island-born Electrical Engineer, Physicist Who Pioneered Outdoor Electrical Lighting) Rhode Island Scientists and Mathematicians Physics Inventors and Inventions Electricity Center for the Study of  Technology  and Society
1885 In Massachusetts, African-American Inventor Jan Matzeliger Demonstrated a Machine That Will Dramatically Improve the Production of Shoes Massachusetts Scientists & Inventors Inventors and Inventions Business and Economics African-American Scientists & Inventors Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1910 In New York, Aviator Glenn Curtiss Wins a $10,000 Prize for Flying from Albany to New York City in 152 Minutes Glenn Curtiss Aviation History Economics New York Historical Society
1919 Arthur Stanley Eddington Uses Total Solar Eclipse to Confirms Einstein's Prediction That Gravity Can Bend Light English Scientists and Mathematicians Albert Einstein Astronomy Light The Sun NASA
1939 The Texas State Soil Conservation Board Is Organized Texas Government Earth Science Texas State Soil Conservation Board Texas State Historical Society
1953 Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay First to Reach Mt. Everest Summit Mt. Everest Historic Firsts The History Channel New York Times New York Times BBC Center for the Study of  Technology  and Society
1965 NASA Launches Explorer 28 (IMP 3) Spacecraft for Interplanetary Exploration Space Exploration Solar System NASA
1976 Two Earthquakes Cause Extensive Damage Along the Burma - China Border Region Burma China Earthquakes USGS
1992 The First Long-Distance Digital High-Definition Television (HDTV) Signal is Transmitted 75 Miles Television History of Technology Historic Firsts Center for the Study of  Technology  and Society
1998 Pakistan Conducts Five Nuclear Tests Pakistan India Nuclear Weapons CNN

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