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MAY 30

1908 Hannes Alfven (Swedish Astrophysicist; 1970 Nobel Laureate for Physics) Swedish Scientists Cosmology 1970 Nobel Laureate for Physics
1912 Julius Axelrod (New York City-born Biochemist; 1970 Nobel Laureate for Medicine or Physiology) New York Scientists Biochemistry 1970 Nobel Laureate for Medicine or Physiology
Millicent Selsam (New York-born Children's Science Author) New York Authors and Illustrators Science Young-adult Readers
1915 Henry Aaron Hill (Missouri-born African-American Organic Chemist) Henry Aaron Hill Organic Chemist African-American Scientists & Mathematicians
1916 Joseph Wm. Kennedy (American co-Discover of Plutonium) American Scientists Physics Plutonium
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1912 Wilbur Wright (Indiana-born Aviator) Wilbur Wright Aviation
1964 Leo Szilard (Hungarian Physicist) Leo Szilard Physics
1844 The Bangor, the First Iron Seagoing Propeller Steamer Constructed in the U.S., Is Launched from Wilmington, Delaware Wilmington, Delaware Steamboats Iron Historic Firsts State of Delaware
1848 William Young Patents an Ice Cream Freezer Patents and Trademarks Inventors Ice Cream University of Guelph
1860 Four Horses Pull the First Street Railway Cars through Milwaukee, Wisconsin Milwaukee, Wisconsin Transportation Horses Wisconsin Historical Society
1871 The Steamer St. Paul Carries the First Shipment of Grain From the Port of Duluth Duluth, Minnesota Steamboats Farming & Agriculture Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Society
1888 Tacoma, Washington Inaugurates Its First Transit System Tacoma, Washington Transportation Historic Firsts History Link
1896 In New York City, the First Recorded Traffic Accident Occurs When a Woman Is Struck by Racing Horseless Carriages New York City Automotives Historic Firsts New York Historical Society
1922 A New Bridge in Wilmington, Delaware Is Dedicated to Those from New Castle County Who Died in World War I Wilmington, Delaware Bridges World War I Death State of Delaware
1927 The Kentucky River Peaks During a Massive Flood That Kills 89 People and Leaves Thousands Homeless Kentucky The Nature Conservancy Flooding Death History Channel
1935 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake Almost Completely Destroys Quetta, Pakistan: 30,000 Die Pakistan Earthquake Death USGS
1940 Smoke Hole Caverns in Grant County, West Virginia Is Opened to the Public Grant County, West Virginia Caves and Caverns Smoke Hole Caverns West Virginia State Archives
1966 NASA Launches Surveyor 1 Spacecraft to Achieve First Soft Landing on the Moon by the United States Space Exploration Lunar Exploration Historic Firsts NASA
1971 NASA Launches Mariner 9, the First Satellite From Earth to Orbit Another Planet Space Exploration Mars Historic Firsts History Channel Center for the Study of Technology and Society NASA
1974 NASA Launches ATS 6 (Applications Technology Satellite) to Test Ability to Provide Quality TV Signal to a Ground-Based Receiver Space Exploration Television NASA
1990 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 135, Injures 800 in Peru's Moyobamba-Rioja Area Peru Earthquake Death USGS
6.7 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 9, Injures 700 and Causes Severe Damage in the Romania's Bucharest-Braila- Brasov Area Romania Earthquake Death USGS
France Bans Imports of British Beef and Live Cattle Because of Fears of "Mad Cow" Disease France Great Britain Foods and Nutrition Mad Cow Disease BBC
1998 6.6 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 5,000, Thousands More Injured and Homeless in Afghanistan's Badakhshan and Takhar Provinces Afghanistan Earthquakes Death USGS

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