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1728 Johann Heinrich Lambert (Swiss-born German Mathematician, Scientist, Philosopher) Johann Heinrich Lambert German Scientists & Mathematicians Physics Trigonometry Light
1740 Joseph Michel Montgolfier (French co-Inventor with His Brother of the Hot-Air Balloon) Joseph Michel Montgolfier Hot Air Balloons Inventors & Inventions
1743 Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier (French Scientist) Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier Chemistry
1863 Lee De Forest (Iowa-born Inventor of the Audion Vacuum Tube) Lee De Forest Radio Inventors & Inventions
1886 Jerome Hunsaker (Iowa-born Aeronautical Engineer) Iowa Scientists & Mathematcians Aviation
1906 Albert Bruce Sabin (Polish-American Doctor Who Developed the Polio Vaccine) Albert Bruce Sabin Polio
1918 Katherine G. Johnson (West Virginia-born African-American Mathematician) West Virginia Scientists & Mathematicians Mathematics NASA African-American Scientists & Mathematicians African American Registry
1942 John Blaha (Texas-born Astronaut) John Blaha Astronauts
1951 Edward Witten (Maryland-born Mathematician, Theoretical Physicist) Edward Witten Calculus Quantum Theory
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1723 Antony van Leeuwenhoek (Dutch Pioneer in Microscopy) Antony van Leeuwenhoek Microscopy
1974 Charles Lindbergh (Michigan-born Pilot; First Person to Fly Solo Across the Atlantic) Charles Lindbergh Aviation
1791 John Fitch Is Granted a U.S. Patent for the Steamboat John Fitch Steamboat Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks Library of Congress
1843 Connecticut's Charles Thurber Receives U.S. Patent 3228 for the First Working Typewriter Connecticut Scientists & Mathematicians Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks History of Technology Historic Firsts Patent 3228
1884 Ottmar Mergenthaler Receives First U.S. Patent for Linotype Typesetting Machine German Scientists & Mathematicians Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks Journalism Historic Firsts Patent 304272
1902 A Patent Granted for a Daylight Developing Tank for Roll Film Photography Patents & Trademarks Inventors & Inventions USPTO
1909 Swiss Paleontologist Otto Hauser Discovers Cro-Magnon Man Skeleton in France France Swiss Scientists & Mathematicians Paleontology Evolution
1950 The World's First Redwood Tree Farm Is Dedicated in Hammond Grove, Near Eureka Eureka, California Trees Historic Firsts LearnCalifornia
1957 Ford Rolls Out Its First Edsel Ford Automobiles Business & Economics History Channel
1964 Hurricane Cleo Strikes Fort Lauderdale, Florida with 130 mph Winds Fort Lauderdale, Florida Hurricanes Florida Historical Association
1982 NASA Launches a Telesat Communications Satellite for Canada Canada Space Exploration NASA
1994 British Man Receives First Battery-Operated Heart Great Britain Medical Research Artificial Heart Historic Firsts BBC
2003 Investigation Board Issues Final Report on Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster NASA

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