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1852 Jacobus Hoff (Dutch-born German 1901 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry) Dutch Scientists and Mathematicians German Scientists and Mathematicians 1901 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry
1871 Ernest Rutherford (New Zealand Physicist: 1908 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry) Ernest Rutherford Atomic Theory 1908 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry
1912 E(dward) M(ills) Purcell (Illinois-born 1952 Nobel Laureate for Physics) Illinois Scientists and Mathematicians Atomic Theory 1952 Nobel Laureate for Physics
1913 Richard Stone (English-born 1984 Nobel Laureate for Economics) English Scientists and Mathematicians Economics 1984 Nobel Laureate for Economics
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
30 B.C. Cleopatra (Queen of Egypt: Died of a Self-Inflicted Poisonous Snake Bite) Cleopatra Snakes History Channel
30 B.C. Cleopatra Commits Suicide with a Snake Bite Cleopatra Snakes Death History Channel
1933 Executive Order Prohibits the Holding of Gold by United States Citizens Franklin D. Roosevelt Ecomomics Gold U.S. Treasury
1983 Guy Bluford Becomes First African-American in Space Guy Bluford U.S. Astronauts Famous African Americans Historic Firsts New York Times
1984 Space Shuttle Discovery Lifts Off for First Time Space Exploration NASA
2005 Levees Give Way Flooding New Orleans Following Hurricane Katrina New Orleans Alabama Missisippi Hurricane Katrina Flooding Death

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