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1877 Francis Aston (English 1922 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry) Francis Aston Atomic Theory Mass Spectography Physics 1922 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry
1906 Karl August Folkers (Illinois-born Chemist Who First Isolated Vitamin B-12) Illinois Scientists & Mathematicians Drugs, Medicines, Vitamins & Supplements National Academy of Science
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1867 Lillian Wald (Ohio-born World War I Nurse, Anti-War Activist) Lillian Wald Medicine World War I
1988 Luis Alvarez (San Francisco-born Latin-American 1968 Nobel Laureate for Physics) Luis Alvarez Sub-Atomic Particles The Atomic Bomb Latin American Studies 1968 Nobel Laureate for Physics
1859 Richard Carrington Is the First Person to Witness a Solar Flare Solar Flares Historic Firsts NASA
1914 Martha, the Last Surviving Passenger Pigeon Dies at the Cincinnati Zoo Ohio Pigeons Endangered Species Wild Birds Unlimited Writer's Almanac
1923 Earthquake Strikes Tokyo and Yokohama: 150,000 Killed, 2M Homeless Japan Earthquake Death St. Louis University
1961 Soviets End Moratorium on Nuclear Testing with 16 KTon Blast in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Soviet Union Nuclear Weapons Cold War Commonwealth of Australia
1985 U. S.-French Expedition Locates Remains of the Titanic Off Newfoundland Coast Newfoundland The Titanic Smithsonian Institution
1997 Discovery of "Exotic Meson" Announced in Physical Review Letters Sub-atomic Particles Physics Brookhaven National Laboratory
2005 Survivors Panic & Loot Stricken Areas Following Hurricane Katrina New Orleans Alabama Missisippi Hurricane Katrina Flooding Death
New Orleans Flood Victims Are Bused to Houston, Texas New Orleans Texas Hurricane Katrina Flooding
U.S. Congress Passes $10.5 Billion Relief Package for Victims of Hurricane Katrina U.S. Congress Louisiana Mississippi Alabama Economics Hurricane Katrina Flooding

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