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1848 Lewis Latimer (Massachusetts-born African-American Inventor) Lewis Latimer Inventors & Inventions Famous African Americans
1866 Simon Lake (New Jersey-born Inventor Who Built the Submarine "Argonaut") New Jersey Scientists and Matheamticians Inventors & Inventions Submarines
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1917 Irving Wightman Colburn (Massachusetts-born Inventor Who Patented a Machine to Produce and Cut Continuous Sheets of Window Glass ) Massachusetts Scientists & Inventors Glass Technology & Society
1965 Albert Schweitzer (German Physician, Missionary; 1952 Nobel Laureate for Peace) Albert Schweitzer Medicine 1952 Nobel for Peace
1596 Small Earthquake Triggers a 50' Tsunami That Hits Japan's Uryu-Jima Island, Killing 1,000 of the Islands 5,000 Inhabitants Japan Earthquake Tsunami Death History Channel
1882 Thomas Edison's Company Begins the First Electrical Service for New York City Businesses in Lower Manhattan New York City Electricity Historic Firsts New York Historical Society
1888 George Eastman Patents the Roll Film Kodak Camera Eastman Kodak Company Photography Patents & Trademarks Business & Economics Writer's Almanac USPTO
1899 7.9 Magnitude Earthquake Is Centered Near Cape Yakataga, Alaska Alaska Earthquakes USGS
1908 In Fort Myer, Orville Wright Makes the First Airplane Flight in the State of Virginia For Myer, Virginia Orville Wright Aviation History Historic Firsts Virginia Historical Society
1923 America's First Dirigible, "Shenandoah", Makes Its First Test Flight at Lakehurst, New Jersey Lakehurst, New Jersey Aviation Historic Firsts U.S. Navy
1933 Hurricane Causes More Than $2M Damage, Blowing More Than 4 Million Boxes of Citrus from Florida Trees Florida Hurricane Food Economics Florida Historical Society
1951 President Truman's Speech from San Francisco Is the First Live Coast-to-Coast Television Broadcast San Francisco President Harry Truman Television Historic Firsts Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities History Channel Technology & Society
1964 In Scotland, Queen Elizabeth II Officially Opens Europe's Longest Suspension Bridge Linking Edinburgh to Perth Scotland Queen Elizabeth II Bridges BBC
1978 In India, Flooding Kills 1,000, Destroying the Town of Benares and Leaving 2 Million Homeless India Flooding Death BBC
1989 6.9 Magnitude Earthquake Is Centered Near Alaska's Semidi Islands Alaska Earthquakes USGS

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