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1829 Friedrich August Kekulé (German Organic Chemist) German Scientists & Mathematicians Organic Chemistry Princeton University
Ferdinand Hayden (Massachusetts-born Geologist) Massachusetts Scientists & Mathematicians Geology
1840 Luther Childs Crowell (Massachusetts-born Inventor) Massachusetts Scientists & Inventors Inventors & Inventions
1855 William Friese-Greene (English Inventor of Motion Picture Cameras) William Friese-Greene Inventors & Inventions Photography Film
1908 Michael DeBakey (Louisiana-born Heart Surgeon) Louisiana Scientists & Mathematicans Medical Research Cardiology
1912 David Packard (Colorado-born Engineer; Founder of Hewlett-Packard) David Packard Inventors & Inventions Hewlett Packard
1914 James Alfred Van Allen (Iowa-born Astrophysicist; Namesake of the Van Allen Radiation Belt) James Van Allen The Solar System Radiation
1917 John Cornforth (Australian-born 1975 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry) Australian Scientists & Inventors Enzymes & Catalysts 1975 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry
1955 Efim Isaakovich Zelmanov (Russian Mathematician) Efim Isaakovich Zelmanov Mathematics
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1985 Rodney Porter (English-born 1972 Nobel Laureate in Medicine or Physiology) Rodney Porter Medical Research 1972 Nobel Laureate in Medicine or Physiology
1991 Edwin McMillan (California-born 1951 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry) Edwin McMillan Neptunium Plutonium 1951 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
1927 At His San Francisco Laboratory, Television Pioneer Philo T. Farnsworth Transmits the First Purely Electronic Image San Francisco Philo T. Farnsworth Television Historic Firsts Museum of Broadcast Communications LearnCalifornia

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