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1784 Richard Griffith (Irish Geologist and Civil Engineer) Irish Scientists and Mathematicians Geology
1842 James Dewar (English Chemist and Physicist) James Dewar Chemistry Physics Inventors & Inventions
1888 Sue Sophia Dauser (California-born Chief Nurse of the Navy Nurse Corps in World War II) California Scientists & Mathematicians Medical Professionals World War II U.S. Navy
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1996 Paul Erdös (Hungarian Mathematician) Paul Erdös Scientists & Mathematicians
1848 American Association for Advancement of Science Organizes in Philadelphia Philadelphia Science History AAAS
1853 Elisha Graves Otis Opens His Elevator Factory Elisha Graves Otis Inventors and Inventions History of Technology Library of Congress
1938 Wallace H. Carothers Is Granted Patent for "Synthetic Fiber" (Nylon) Polymers Trademark U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
1957 U.S. Completes First Successful Launch of THOR Ballistic Missile from Cape Canaveral Florida Nuclear Weapons Florida State Historical Association
1963 President John Kennedy Proposes Joint U.S./Soviet Moon Mission Soviet Union John F. Kennedy The Moon Space Exploration The History Channel
1967 Hurricane Beulah Wracks the Texas Coast: $150M Damage, 300,000 Evacuated Texas Hurricane Death Texas State Historical Association
1968 U.S. Defends Use of Defoliants in Vietnam Vietnam War Chemistry The History Channel
1970 Russian Luna 16 Lands on the Moon to Collect Surface Samples Soviet Space Program Lunar Exploration Space Exploration BBC
1974 Inspection Verifies Gold Holdings at the Fort Knox, KY Bullion Depository Kentucky Gold U.S. Treasury
1985 7.5 Aftershock Hits Mexico City Following September 19th Earthquake Mexico Earthquakes Wikipedia

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