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1754 Joseph-Louis Proust (French Chemist) Joseph-Louis Proust Chemistry
1929 Meredith Gourdine (New Jersey-born African-American Physicist) New Jersey Scientists & Mathematicians Physics African-American Scientists & Mathematicians African American Registry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1928 Arthur Stilwell (New York-born Railroad Pioneer, Author) New York Business Leaders Railroads Westward Movement Business & Economics Texas State Historical Association
1928 Health Authorities at Belle Glade, Florida Cremate 306 Bodies of Victims of September 15-16 Hurricane Belle Glade, Florida Hurricanes Death Florida Historical Society
1956 President Eisenhower Suffers a Heart Attack President Dwight Eisenhower Health Care Heart Disease/Heart Attacks History Channel
1973 Concorde Slashes Flight Time with First Atlantic Crossing Avaition History Historic Firsts BBC
1981 Boeing 767 Makes Its Maiden Flight in Everett, Washington Washington Aviation Historic Firsts New York Times
1996 Shannon Lucid Sets 188-day Endurance Record for U.S. & Women Astronauts Shannon Lucid Women NASA

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