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1824 Benjamin Gould (Massachusetts-born Astronomer) Massachusetts Scientists and Mathematicians Astronomy & Space 1974 Nobel Laureate for Physics
1876 Earle Raymond Hedrick (Indiana-born Scientist or Mathematician) Earle Raymond Hedrick American Mathematicians & Scientists
1918 Martin Ryle (English Astronomer; 1974 Nobel Laureate for Physics) Martin Ryle Astronomy & Space 1974 Nobel Laureate for Physics
1925 Robert Edwards (English Physiologist Awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize for Medicine & Physiology) Robert Edwards Invitro Fertilization 2010 Nobel Laureate for Medicine & Physiology
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
2011 Wilson Greatbatch (New York-born Inventor of the Pacemaker, Member of the Inventors Hall of Fame) Wilson Greatbatch Pacemaker Inventors & Inventions
1825 England's George Stephenson Engineers the First Train to Haul Passengers Great Britain Railroads Historic Firsts New York Times
1858 Britain's William Usherwood Takes First Photograph of a Comet (Donati's) Great Britain Photography Comets Historic Firsts NASA
1906 A Powerful Hurricane Kills Dozens in the Mobile, Alabama Area Mobile, Alabama Hurricanes Death Alabama State Archives
1909 Earthquake Centered in Southwest Indiana Is Felt in 30,000 Square Mile Area Iowa Indiana Illinois Kentucky Missouri Arkansas Earthquake USGS
1956 U.S. Bell X-2, World's Fastest Highest-flying Plane Crashes Aviation The Cold War NASA
1957 The Richfield Oil Company Completes Its Well No. 1 Near the Swanson River on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula Alaska Business Business and Economics Alaska Historical Society
1959 Typhoon Vera Batters Japan's Honshu Island: Almost 5,000 Die Japan Hurricanes & Typhoons Death New York Times
1977 Anacleto Montero Sanchez Receives Patent for a Hypodermic Syringe Medical Research Patents & Trademarks Hispanic Heritage U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
1985 Hurricane Gloria Shuts Down Wall Street Wall Street Investment Markets Hurricanes History Channel
1988 Canadian Sprinter Ben Johnson Fails Drug Test, Stripped of Olympic Gold Medal Canadian Sports Figures Illegal Drugs Track & Field 1988 Summer Olympics BBC

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