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1864 Louis Jean Lumiere (French Chemist) Louis Jean Lumiere Chemistry Photography
1879 Peyton Rous (Maryland-born 1966 Nobel Laureate Medicine or Physiology) Maryland Mathematicians and Scientists Cancer 1966 Nobel Laureate Medicine or Physiology
1882 Robert Hutchings Goddard (Massachusetts-born Rocket and Space Flight Pioneer) Robert Hutchings Goddard Inventors and Inventions Space Exploration
1930 Reinhard Selten (German-born 1994 Nobel Laureate for Economics) German Mathematicians and Scientists Economics 1994 Nobel Laureate for Economics
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1983 Earl Silas Tupper (New Hampshire-born Inventor of Tupperware) New Hampshire Scientists & Inventors Inventors & Inventions Tupperware
2011 Steve Jobs (California-born co-Founder of Apple Computers) Steve Jobs Inventors & Inventions Computer Technology Apple Computers
1823 The British Medical Journal, The Lancet, Is First Published Great Britain Medicine Historic Firsts The Lancet Intellihealth
1881 International Cotton Exposition Opens in Atlanta, Georgia Georgia International Trade University of Georgia
1913 Storm Causes $1 Million Damage in Nome, Alaska Nome, Alaska Storm Economics Alaska Historical Society
1918 3,000 Cases of Spanish Influenza Reported at Augusta Georgia's Camp Hancock Georgia Influenza University of Georgia
1923 Edwin Hubble Identifies the First Cepheid Variable Star Edwin Hubble Space and Astronomy Historic Firsts SEDS
1948 110,000 Die in 7.3 Magnitude Turkmenistan Earthquake Turkmenistan Earthquake Death USGS
1982 Unmanned Rocket Sled Reaches 6,121 mph (Mach 8) on 9.5 mile NM Track New Mexico Physics Space Exploration
1985 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Canada's Northwest Territories Canada Earthquake USGS

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