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1785 Henry Shreve (New Jersey-born Steamboat Designer, Builder; Namesake of Shreveport, Louisiana) New Jersey Scientists & Mathemticians Shreveport, Louisiana Steamboats
1803 Solon Robinson (Connecticut-born Agriculture Pioneer) Connecticut Scientists & Mathemticians Farming & Agriculture
1833 Alfred Nobel (Swedish Chemist, Inventor; Founder of the Nobel Prizes) Sweden Science Inventors & Inventions The Nobel Prize
1950 Ronald E. McNair (South Carolina-born African-American Physicist, Astronaut) Ronald McNair Physics Astronauts Famous African-Americans
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1970 John Scopes (Tennessee-born Biology Teacher; Defendant in the Scopes Monkey Trial) Tennessee Educators of Note Evolution Law and Legal Resources
1803 John Dalton Presents His First List of Atomic Weights in Manchester, England John Dalton Atomic Mass College of New York
1868 First Large Earthquake of Recorded Time Hits San Francisco: 4 Die San Francisco Earthquake Death Historic Firsts University of California, Berkeley
1879 Thomas Edison Successfully Burns an Incandescent Lamp for over 13 Hours New Jersey Thomas Edison The Light Bulb Historic Firsts Edison, New Jersey New York Times
In Oregon, Construction Begins on Tillamook Lighthouse Oregon Lighthouses
1897 The University of Chicago's Yerkes Observatory Is Dedicated on the Shores of Wisconsin's Lake Geneva Lake Geneva, Wisconsin University of Chicago Space Observatories Yerkes Observatory Wisconsin Historical Society
1907 12,000 Die in Central Asian Earthquake Earthquake Death USGS
1959 U.S. President Eisenhower Transfers German Rocket Scientists from U.S. Army to NASA German Scientists and Mathemaitcians President Dwight Eisenhower Space Exploration NASA History Channel
2001 Postal Worker Is Third U.S. Anthrax Victim Disease Terrorism Death BBC

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