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1693 Antoine Ferrein (French Surgeon and Anatomist) French Scientists & Mathematicians Medical Research Anatomy Intellihealth
1811 Evariste Galois (French Mathematician) French Scientists & Mathematicians Mathematics
1877 Henry Norris Russell (New York-born Astronomer) Henry Norris Russell Space, Astronomy, Cosmology
1888 Richard Byrd (Virginia-born Naval Officer: Explorer of the Arctic and Antarctica) Richard Byrd The Arctic Antarctica
1890 Floyd Bennett (New York-born Aviator) New York Explorers and Aviators Aviation
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1647 Evangelista Torricelli (Italian-born Physicist) Evangelista Torricelli Physics
1415 English Use Longbows to Defeat French at Agincourt England France War History of Technology The History Channel
1848 Completion of Boston's First Municipal Water System Is Celebrated Boston Water Health and Fitness Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1864 The First Western Union Telegraph Line Reaches Seattle, Washington Washington Telegraph Historic Firsts HistoryLink
1889 Underwater Telephone Cable Joins Michigan's Upper and Lower Peninsulas Michigan Telephone State of Michigan
1921 Hurricane Kills Seven in Tampa-St. Petersburg, Destroys 500+ Homes in Ybor City, Florida Florida Hurricane Death Florida State Historical Society
1941 Groundbreaking Ceremonies Are Held at the Huntsville, Alabama Redstone Arsenal Alabama Space Exploration Redstone Arsenal Alabama State Archives
1955 Tappan Introduces the Microwave Oven for $1,295 Electromagnetic Radiation Physics History of Technology Historic Firsts Kids Newsroom
1981 7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Kills Three in Southern Mexico Mexico Earthquake Death USGS
1990 6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Kills Eleven in Central Pakistan Pakistan Earthquake Death USGS
2006 NASA STEREO Mission Launches Twin Observatories for 3-D Imaging of the Sun Space Exploration The Sun NASA
2010 7.7 Magnitude Earthquake and Resulting Tsunami Kill Nearly 700 People in Indonesia 2010 Indonesia Tsunami Earthquake Tsunami BBC
Sony Announces the End of the Walkman Sony History of Technology National Public Radio

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