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Nauru: Angam Day (Jubilation Day)
(Annual October 26th celebrating of the survival of the Nauru people following flu epidemic.)
Nauru Population Influenza Nauruan Mission to the United Nations
United States: National Mule Day
(Commemorates arrival of first mule to US: Present of Spain's Charles III to George Washington: 10/26/1785)
Spain George Washington Mules National Canal Museum
1786 Henry Deringer (Pennsylvania-born Inventor, Gunsmith) Pennsylania Scientists & Inventors Inventors & Inventions Gun Control
1911 Shiing-Shen Chern (Chinese Mathematician) Chinese Scientists & Mathematicians Mathematics Asian-American Heritage
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1923 Charles Proteus Steinmetz (Polish-American Mathematician, Engineer Who Pioneered the Widespread Use of Electricity) Polish Scientists & Mathematicians Electricity
1972 Igor Sikorsky (Ukraine-born Aviation Inventor, Helicopter Pioneer) Igor Sikorsky Inventors and Inventions Helicopters
1863 Jean Henri Dunant Convenes First Meeting of the International Red Cross Jean Henri Dunant Health Care International Red Cross
1932 Nauru Population Rebounds from Flu Epidemic to Nauru Reach 1,500 Nauru Population Influenza Nauruan Mission to the United Nations
1948 Killer Smog Settles Over Donora, Pennsylvania, Killing 20, Hospitalizing 7,000 Donora Killer Smog Smog Zinc Pennsylvania Department fo Environmental Protection
1950 Two Researchers from the Mayo Clinic Share the Nobel Prize for Medicine for the Development of Cortisone Rochester, Minnesota Medical Research Biochemistry 1950 Nobel Laureates for Medicine Mayo Clinic Minnesota Historical Society
1958 Pan American Flies the First Boeing 707 from New York to Paris (8h 41m) New York City Paris Aviation History Historic Firsts New York Times
1968 The Soviet Union Launches Soyuz III, Manned by Georgi Beregovoy Russian Space Program Space Exploration CNN
1969 5.6 Magnitude Earthquake in Yugoslavia Kills 20, Leaves 65,000 Homeless Yugoslavia Earthquakes USGS
1977 Experimental Space Shuttle Enterprise Lands Successfully in California California NASA The Space Shuttle New York Times
1979 Canadian Ken Fraser Catches Largest Bluefin Tuna on Record: 10', 1496 lbs Canada Fish Fine Fishing New York Times
1984 California Doctors Transplant a Baboon's Heart into "Baby Fae", a Newborn with a Severe Heart Defect California Child Health Care The Heart Primates Medical Research Technology and Society Intellihealth
2001 U.S. Supreme Court Building Closes for Anthrax Testing U.S. Supreme Court Disease Terrorism New York Times

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