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1837 James Douglas (Canadian Chemist, Metallurgist, Business Leader; Namesake of Douglas, Arizona) James Douglas Douglas, Arizona Chemistry Copper Business & Economics
1908 Joseph Rotblat (Polish-British Physicist, President of the Pugwash Conferences; 1995 Nobel Laureate for Peace) Joseph Rotblat Great Britain Physics Nuclear Wepaons Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs 1995 Nobel Laureate for Peace
1933 Charles Kao (Chinese-born 2009 Nobel Laureate for Physics) Charles Kao Fiber Optics Inventors & Inventions 2009 Nobel Laureate for Physics
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1846 Benjamin F. Palmer (NH) Receives First U.S. Patent for an Artificial Leg New Hampshire Scientists & Inventors Human Anatomy Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks USPAT
1854 Florence Nightingale & 38 Nurses Arrive in the Crimea to Treat British Troops Florence Nightingale Heal Care Crimean War Florence Nightingale Museum
1862 Richard Jordan Gatling Patents His Rapid-fire Machine Gun to Be Made in Indianapolis Indianapolis North Carolina Scientists & Inventors Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks USPTO
1879 Thomas Elkins Patents Refrigeration Apparatus for Chilling or Cooling Food Foods & Nutrition Temperature Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks African American Registry
1880 The First Cash Register Is Patented by James and John Ritty of Dayton, Ohio Ohio Inventors & Inventions Trademarks & Patents History of Technology New York Times
1909 The First Commercially Built Airplane in the U.S. Is Assembled in Beloit, Wisconsin Beloit, Wisconsin Aviation History Business Historic Firsts Wisconsin Historical Society
1918 In Georgia, Persons Quarantined at Camp Gordon Are Released as Fears of the Spanish Influenza Epidemic Subside Georgia Spanish Influenza Epidemic Fort Gordon, Georgia University of Georgia
1922 Archaeologist Howard Carter Discovers the Tomb of Child-king Tutankhamen Egypt Howard Carter King Tut Writer's Almanac History Channel
1927 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake Is Centered West of Lompoc, California California Earthquake USGS
1939 Packard Demonstrates the First Air-Conditioned Car at Chicago National Auto Show Chicago Automobiles Inventors & Inventions History of Technology Historic Firsts History Channel
1943 X-10 Fission Reactor Goes Critical at Oak Ridge, TN Tennessee Nuclear Energy Atoms & Isotopes
1952 UNIVAC Computer First to Predict Election Outcome Based on Exit Polling Elections Computer History Historic Firsts Technology and Society
9.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Russia Russia Earthquake USGS
1958 Gaylord Nelson Is Elected Governor of Wisconsin Gaylord Nelson Elections Earth Day Wisconsin Historical Society
1965 Craig Breedlove Shatters Land Speed Record on Utah Salt Flats: 555.49 mph Utah Automobiles History of Technology Historic Firsts History Channel
Lee Ann Breedlove First Woman Faster Than 300 mph on Land Utah Automobiles Women Historic Firsts History Channel
1966 Flooding Damages Art Treasures in Florence, Italy Italy Flooding Art Florence Online

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