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1771 Alois Senefelder (Czech Inventor of Lithography) Czech Scientists and Inventors Inventors & Inventions Technology and Society
1814 Adolphe Sax (Belgian Inventor of the Saxophone) Adolphe Sax Inventors & Inventions Musical Instruments
1918 John F. Stegeman (Mississippi-born Physician, Author) Mississippi Authors Medical Professionals Mississippi Writers Project
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1899 The First Packard Automobile Is Taken for a Public Drive James Ward Packard Automobiles Historic Firsts History Channel
1912 Tacoma City Light's LaGrande Powerhouse Delivers Its First Electricity Seattle, Washington Electricity Historic Firsts Tacoma Public Utilities HistoryLink
1928 Colonel Jacob Schick Patents the First Electric Razor Patents and Trademarks Inventors and Inventions Historic Firsts USPTO
1945 FR-1 Fireball Is the First Plane to Land on an Aircraft Carrier Aviation Naval History Historic Firsts
1965 NASA Launches GEOS 1 (Geodetic Earth Orbiting Satellite) to Define the Earth's Gravitational Field Space Exploration Gravity NASA
1966 NASA Launches Lunar Orbiter 2 to Verify Safe Landing Sites on the Lunar Surface Space Exploration Lunar Exploration NASA
1973 NASA Launches NOAA 3 to Provide Daily Global Cloudcover Data Space Exploration Clouds NASA
1983 5.7 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 34 and Destroys 3,300 Homes in Eastern China China Earthquake Death USGS
1988 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 730, Injures 3,900, Leaves 267,000 Homeless Along China-Burma Border China Burma Earthquake Death USGS
1990 6.6 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 22, Injures 100, Leaves 21,000 Homeless in Southern Iran Iran Earthquake Death USGS
1997 4.8 Magnitude Earthquake Is Felt throughout Southern Quebec Canada Earthquake USGS
2005 Tornado Kills 22 in Southern Indiana Indiana Tornado Death CNN

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