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1656 Edmond Halley (English Astronomer: Namesake of Halley's Comet) Edmond Halley Space and Astronomy Comets
1854 Johannes Rydberg (Swedish Physicist, Spectroscopist) Johannes Rydberg Physics Spectroscopy Hydrogren
1900 Albert F. Frey-Wyssling (Swiss Molecular Biologist) Swiss Scientists & Mathematicians Botany Biology
1922 Christian Barnard (South African Surgeon: Pioneer in Heart Transplants) Christian Barnard Medical Research The Heart
1932 Benjamin Bova (Pennsylvania-born Children's Science Author) Pennsylvania Authors & Illustrators Young-adult Authors Science
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1901 Mary Ann (Ball) Bickerdyke (Ohio-born Nurse for the Union Army During the American Civil War) Ohio Scientists & Medical Professionals Medical Professionals American Women in Science American Civil War Ohio Historical Society
1969 Vesto Slipher (Indiana-born Astronomer) Indiana Mathematicians and Scientists Space & Astronomy Sonoma State University
1870 Increase Lapham Records the First Published National Weather Forecast New York Scientists and Mathematicians Wisconsin Scientists and Mathematicians Meteorology Historic Firsts Wisconsin Historical Society
1882 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Is Centered Near Denver, Colorado Colorado Earthquake USGS
1887 Emile Berliner Granted U.S. Patent 372,786 for the Gramophone German Scientists and Inventors Patents & Trademarks University of San Diego
1895 Wilhelm Röntgen Observes the First Evidence of X-rays Wilhelm Röntgen Radiation 1901 Nobel Laureate for Physics Penn State University
1898 The Kensington Rune Stone, Purportedly Relating the Presence of Vikings in Minnesota in 1362, Is Discovered Near Alexandria Alexandria, Minnesota Explorers of North America Archeology Runestone Museum Minnesota Historical Society
1913 A 3-Day Storm Hits the Great Lakes, Killing 251 People and Sinking 17 Boats Naval History Storms Death Minnesota Historical Society
1926 The Mendota Bridge Is Dedicated as the World's Longest Concrete Bridge with 13 Equal Arches Spanning the Minnesota River Minnesota Bridges Minnesota Historical Society
1950 The First Jet Fighter Dogfight Takes Place over Korea The Korean War Aviation Historic Firsts Technology and Society
1958 U.S. Air Force Launches Lunar Probe Aboard Pioneer 2 But Fails to Achieve Lunar Orbit Space Exploration Lunar Exploration NASA
1968 NASA Launches Pioneer 9 to Make Interplanetary Measurements Space Exploration Solar System NASA
NASA Launches TETR-B, a Very Small Satellite to Provide Training to Apollo Ground Stations Space Exploration Lunar Exploration NASA
1980 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Is Centered in Trinidad, California California Earthquake USGS
1983 5.0 Magnitude Earthquake Kills One Person in Belgium Belgium Earthquake Death USGS
1997 Engineers Divert Yangtze River for Construction of Three Rivers Dam China Rivers New York Times
2000 The 225-Acre Russell W. Peterson Wildlife Refuge Is dedicated on the Banks of the Christina River in Wilmington, Delaware Wilmington, Delaware Earth and Environmental Science Animals Birds Riverfront Wilmington State of Delaware

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