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1493 Paracelsus (Swiss Doctor) Paracelsus Medicine
1875 Vesto Slipher (Indiana-born Astronomer) Indiana Mathematicians and Scientists Space & Astronomy Sonoma State University
1897 Gordon Allport (Indiana-born Psychologist) Indiana Mathematicians and Scientists Psychology
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1938 "Typhoid" Mary Mallon (Irish-American Cook Repsonsible for Initiating a New York City Typhoid Epidemic) Typhoid Typhoid Fever Who Am I?
1572 Danish Astronomer Tycho Brahe First Observes Supernova Cassiopeia Tycho Brahe Space & Astronomy SEDS
1851 Alvan Clark Patents Telescope Design with Improved Lenses Space & Astronomy Patents & Trademarks ESD Journal
1922 8.0 Magnitude Earthquake Centers on the Chile-Argentina Border Argentina Chile Earthquake USGS
1925 Robert A. Millikan Coins Term "Cosmic Rays" Proving Their Origins from Space Robert A. Millikan Cosmic Rays NASA
1933 Massive Dust Storm Sweeps through South Dakota South Dakota The Great Depression History Channel
1935 First Photo of Earth's Curvature Made From a Balloon 72,000' Above South Dakota South Dakota Earth Balloons Photograohy Historic Firsts NASA
1940 Temperatures Drop From the 60's to Below Zero as a Deadly Blizzard Kills 49 in Minnesota, 150 Nationwide Minnesota Temperature Snow Death Minnesota Public Radio Minnesota Historical Society
1945 Glenn Seaborg Announces Discovery of Americium and Curium Glenn T. Seaborg Americium Curium American Institute of Physics
1966 Gemini XII Is Launched for 94-hour Mission Space Exploration NASA
1982 Space Shuttle (STS-5) Is Launched: First to Deploy Commercial Satellites Space Shuttle Business Historic Firsts NASA
1986 Sperry Rand and Burroughs Merge to Form Unisys History of  Technology Business & Economics UNISYS

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