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1746 Jacques Charles (French Physicist) Jacques Charles Physics Gas Laws
1852 John William Strutt (English Physicist Who Discovered Argon; 1904 Nobel Laureate for Physics) English Scientist and Mathematicians Physics Argon 1904 Nobel Laureate for Physics
1861 Seth Nicholson (Illinois-born Astronomer Who Discovered Four Moons of Jupiter) Seth Nicholson Astronomy Jupiter
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1844 John Stryker (New Jersey-born Cotton Pioneer in the Texas Rio Grande Valley) New Jersey Texas Farming & Agriculture Texas State Historical Association
1939 Norman Bethune (Canadian Surgeon) Norman Bethune Mao Zedong Health Care
1783 Antoine Lavoisier Shows Water to Be a Compound, Not an Element Antoine Lavoisier Elements Water LeMoyne College
1799 Astronomer Andrew Ellicott Douglass Produces the First Known Report of Meteor Showers in North America Astronomy Meteors Historic Firsts History Channel
1802 John Dalton Announces the First Example of the Law of Multiple Proportions John Dalton Law of Multiple Proporations LeMoyne College
1831 John Bull, the First U.S. Coal-burning Locomotive, Makes a Trial Run in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Railroads Historic Firsts Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
1833 A Meteor Shower Seen Across the Southeast U.S. Becomes Known as "the Night Stars Fell on Alabama" Alabama Meteors Native American Heritage War of 1812 Creek War Death Alabama State Archives
1903 The Lebaudy Brothers Set a New Air Distance Record Over Paris: 34 Miles in a Dirigible Paris, France Blimps & Dirigibles History of Technology Royal Air Force Museum
1906 In Smith County, Texas, Seaman A. Knapp Is the First Agricultural Agent in America to Serve a Single County Smith County, Texas Farming and Agriculture Historic Firsts Texas State Historical Association
1914 Theodore Richards Awarded Nobel Prize for Chemistry Theodore Richards Chemistry Atomic Mass 1914 Nobel Prize for Chemistry
1927 The Holland Tunnel between New York City and Jersey City, New Jersey, Is Officially Opened with a Telegraphed Signal from President Calvin Coolidge New York City Jersey City, New Jersey President Calvin Coolidge Transportation Telegraph Center for the Study of Technology and Society History Channel
1946 In Tokyo, Japan, an Abacus User Beats a U.S. Army Calculator in Solving 4 of 5 Problems Tokyo, Japan Mathematics Abacus History of Technology Center for the Study of Technology and Society
1960 U.S. Satellite Discoverer XVII Is Launched into Polar Orbit to Measure Effects of Radiation on Human Tissue Space Exploration Human Anatomy and Physiology Radiation NASA
1968 U.S. Supreme Court Overrules Arkansas Ban on Teaching Evolution Arkansas Evolution Education U.S. Supreme Court
1970 Cyclone /Tidal Wave Hits East Pakistan: 200,000 Die Pakistan Cyclones & Hurricanes Tidal Wave Death
1980 U.S. Space Probe Voyager I Passes within 77,0000 mi. of Saturn Space Exploration Saturn NASA History Channel BBC
1981 NASA Launches Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-2) As the First Space Vehicle to Be Reused Space Shuttle History of Technology Historic Firsts NASA Florida Historical Society
1987 American Medical Association Policy Makes It Unethical to Refuse Treatment for AIDS Patients AIDS Human Rights/Civil Rights American Medical Association New York Times
1995 NASA Launches Space Shuttle Atlantis (STS-74) for a Docking with the Russian Space Station Mir Russian Space Program Space Exploration NASA
1996 7.7 Magnitude Earthquake on the Coast of Peru Kills 14 People, Injures 560 and Leaves 12,000 Homeless Peru Earthquakes Death USGS
1999 An Earthquake Strikes Western Turkey, Killing at Least 834 People Turkey Earthquakes Death USGS

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